5-Year Old Needs Cognitive Learning Skills

Updated on April 09, 2008
M.K. asks from Austin, TX
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Hello, Ladies: I'm new at this. My 5-year old is struggling in kindergarten. She seems not to have the ability or a slower ability to learning especially her letters and reading skills. We are in need of a resource where we can take her to address our concerns. The school will not test her for a learning disability until she's in second grade. Our oldest was diagnosed with dyslexia. On the net I found LearningRX. Has anyone heard of this facility and/or can you recommend any other source? Thank you!! MMK

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So What Happened?


I am so happy to relay to you that Kari's has shown amazing improvement since pre-spring break. She could only recognize 8 letters of the alphabet and now she KNOWS 25!! She's even writing phonetically whereas before she would just write random letters. She actually wrote: I c a trtl. As you can imagine, we were so happy to see that our efforts in helping her is finally showing. Like one of you said, we are not trying to force her or have her hate reading, we are trying to make it fun. The principal was very supportive and so was her teacher. We are going to wait and see what reading level she's at during testing time.

Again, thank you so much for all your advice. I felt very prepared for this joint meeting. If I can every return the favor, please do not hesitate to contact me!!



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I also had a five year old who struggle with letters and sounds. She had speech articulation problems and we had to request an IMPACT meeting and finally got her in speech therapy at school the end of her kindergarten year. Her brother was tested in third grade for dyslexia. I read Overcoming Dsylexia and saw all the early signs so in first grade I requested another impact and started interventions and requested testing. Normally they like to wait until 2nd grade for testing but with early signs and family history I did not see a need to wait. Hays has a dylexia program and I believe they are using the Scottish Rite Take Flight Program. I just got trained this past year and I am providing it to my son's school at Kiker. A good cognitive computer program is Earobics. Start out with increasing her alphabet and phonemic awareness and then get her in Hays Take flight program. Good luck



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M., check out: www.ADDHealthandwellness.com and www.cogmed.com
Our son is 11 and was tested and we discovered he has poorly developed working memory. We are excited to try the cogmed system starting next week. It is expensive but worth it.
Good luck. A.



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If your daughter is diagnosed with a learning disability, or is shown to have a cognitive delay, then the school has to provide her with special education services. Your pediatrician should have something to offer in terms of where to find services. You might consider having her evaluated with a neuropsychologist - Austin Neuropsychology Clinic. There are TONS of resources, you just need to get connected. Give Easter Seals a call, although your daughter is out of their service age, they might can direct you on how and where to get started.



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Hi M., I'm an educator in this area and have heard good things about both Kumon and Sylvan. Unfortunately, they tend to be expensive. Many schools don't test for these kinds of issues at such a young age because children grow and develop so rapidly and so differently and they may be trying to avoid a label. You say she is having difficulties in reading and letters. I can tell you that this is VERY common at that age. Is she mixing up things like, p;d;q;b? Most children don't get those until later. The important thing is whether or not your daughter is getting frustrated or irratable with herself. If she is, then steps can be taken by her teacher to address that in the classroom. A good teacher should be trying many things to help your daughter with or without testing. All I can offer you is that you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone (even someone you pay) who is willing to diagnose such a little one. If you feel sure she needs to be tested I would seek out either Kumon or Sylvan. I have heard good things about them, but have never actually worked with them before. I have never heard of the site you mention.



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Depending on where in Hays County you live, Oxford Learning might be the closest to you. It's in SW Austin at Mopac and William Cannon. My husband is the Director there, so I'm a bit biased! He's got over 15 years experience in this industry (he worked for Sylvan for most of those years) and so he's seen a lot of situations like yours. His name is Gordon and his Education Director's name is Emily. They can also point you to programs specifically for dyslexic students.

Here is the website: http://austinsouth.oxfordlearning.com/

You are very smart to address this problem so early! Many people choose to ignore it or to think that their child will catch up on their own. The sooner you get her help, the better.

Good luck!



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Speak to your school principal about having her evaluated by the PPCD (Pre-school Program for Children with disabilities)team. If they do not have such a team ask about ECI programs in your district. Legally, they have to serve children up to five years old. If they still refuse to get her any type of evaluation, go to the Austin Child Guidance Center, or call them. They have all kinds of parenting classes, and evaluation teams for any number of childhood problems and disabilities. I find it hard to believe that Hays CISD is refusing to give you any kind of help with your child. The Austin Child Guidance Center has a sliding scale according to income. They will refer you elsewhere if they cannot help you. You can also ask your pediatrician for a referral to a child psychologist, or other professional for testing for any type of delays. Good Luck. J. K.

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