Is There Another After School Program for Elementary School?

Updated on June 20, 2018
K.L. asks from Carlsbad, CA
7 answers

After signing my 5 year old daughter into the after school program months back right when the elementary school enrollment opened for her to start kindergarten in August, I finally got a letter from the extended school to say there is no space for her. The school close at 2pm and at noon on Wednesdays so I need to find a way to keep her in school through 6pm as both me and my husband work FT and 30 miles away. This is our first child so everything is a new experience to us. We live in Serra Mesa, CA 92123. What do you suggest me do? Is there another school program I can put her in or work something out?

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answers from Springfield on

My son rides the bus to a daycare center after school that has an afterschool program. They are also staffed on snowdays and on days the kids are not in school (very helpful)!

There is also a church with a similar deal. There are many in-home providers that can take kids after school. As long as they live in the boundaries of your neighborhood school, your daughter should be able to ride school bus to their house.

When I started back to work full-time, one place that was helpful was my son's school. They keep a list of providers in our area.

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answers from San Antonio on

Around our elementary school there are several day cares that offer after school pick up and care. Also, our local Jewish Community Center (you don't have to be Jewish to sign up for their programs or join), a few local churches and the YMCA also offer excellent after school choices with a bus that picks them up from the school and takes then to their location and you pick them up there.

You are going to have to do some calling around to find one that will have space for you.

Also, you could advertise for a mom at the school who might want to do after care in her home. Who could pick up your child and keep her for a fee when she picks up her own children. Although this can be the trickiest option because it isn't a business and most moms after school are taking their own kids to activities.

Good luck!!

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answers from Portland on

Around here, there are a lot of programs like Retta suggests - some will come to the school to pick up the kids (buses, etc.) or moms that take in kids after school. Some daycares take in after school aged kids (programs) and they have their own little buses or come and walk to the school to get kids.

If you contact the school they should be able to help you, or start calling, Googling, etc. There should be links on your school's website (community pages) as well.

Some sports programs take in kids, but also rec centers (ours has an after school program), some libraries do, etc.

If you have a neighborhood website (or ones near the school) their Facebook pages often advertise moms who do after school programs.

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answers from New York on

Call the local Department of Education to see what resources they can suggest. I bet you are not the only parent with this situation.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Our elementary schools are like this - they have half day Wednesdays. There are a lot of different after school programs here. Start researching what is in your area. Here the local gymnastics place has an after school program. A local karate place has one. The YMCA has one. There is a local Youth Center that has one, etc. There are also people who do in-home care. There might be churches that do this sort of things too. The programs have buses that pick up the kids. I am sure where you live there are many options. Ask other parents. Call the school. Do research on the internet. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

why do schools do this to people? the same thing happened to me. i would call tutor time since they bus the kids and see if there are openings, or hire an afterschool sitter who can pick up your kid and take him/her home. try also try the ymca as i think transportation is available. good luck



answers from Pittsburgh on

Check with the local YMCA and nearby daycares.

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