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6 Year Old Behavior... Ugh!

D.D. asks from Chicago

I have a 6 year old daughter who is in 1st grade, a great student, a very sweet intelligent child and very respectful to everyone she speaks to. She is very well spo...


Allowance for a 6-Year Old

K.T. asks from Sacramento

Hi there, My daughter is 6-years old and has just completed kindergarten. She's in a place where she "wants" a lot of things whenever we go out and I've begun to ta...


My 5 Year Old Still Sleeps with My Husband and I

C.P. asks from Joplin

My 5 year old still sleeps in bed with my husband and myself, he always has, he is a big boy, he weighs 80 lbs, so its really hard for three people to fit in one bed,...


Considering a Nanny Share, Advice

R.S. asks from Denver

Hi, I am meeting up with a family and nanny next week to talk about doing a nanny share with my son when he is 1 and their son, same age. It will start when their old...


How to Pay Vacation in Nanny Share?

H.L. asks from Washington DC

Hello! I am thinking of entering a nanny share with another family. We are interested in M-F most of the time 9-5pm ($10/hr). Some days we may do an earlier pick-u...


Help! My 6 Year Old Won't Stop Lying!!!

A.C. asks from Kansas City

I need help...I don't know what to do with my 6 year old. He is going through a phase right now where he seems to lie about everything. There is always room for story...


Question About 5 Year Old and t.v.

O.L. asks from San Diego

Hi Ladies! Just wondering if anyone else out there has a 4 or 5 year old child who often seems bored at home? Regardless of how many toys and activities he has her...



S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I am loking for a nanny to take care of my preemie baby who is now 3 months old. Leaving the baby alone at home is a huge thing for me, so I really need to find someo...


To Nanny or Not to Nanny?

A.D. asks from Minneapolis

I just came back to work after having #3. My kids have always attended a Daycare Center and I’ve been happy with that. The cost for three children, however, is like...



S. asks from Chicago

How much do people pay nannies in this neighborhood and how do you find one? We are trying to compare the cost of different day care options and have NO IDEA how much...