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Updated on July 21, 2010
T.D. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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How much did you pay for after school care?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your responses! I

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answers from Dallas on

All last school year I found a lady who's daughter was on my daughters soccer team and she home-schooled her girls and she agreed to pick her up everyday after school and keep her til 5:30 for $50 a week. This year I will be paying similar! Give or Take $10!



answers from Dallas on

Our kids go to the extended care program at their school and we pay $150 a month ($37.50 a week).



answers from Tulsa on

In Oklahoma the state will pay a provider $11to $15 per day for an after school age child. If they are paying a blended rate they pay the same every day even if they are out of school or in school. That means they pay the same rate year round, not a lower rate on days they are in school and more the days they are out of school. Some like it blended and some providers don't. Blended gives a more steady income over the year but if you have to hire another teacher for Summer or pay for extra meals then it really helps to have the extra money come in at the time you need it more so an unblended rate is better.



answers from Dallas on

HI T.,
Our kids go to the YMCA after school program held right at school. We pay 214.00 a month per kid (about $53.00) a week. There is another program at the school that is a little different, but not sure of the price. Check with you school to see if they affer something or call the YMCA. Good luck!

update: check out the Boys and Girls club of America for your area. I've heard they have great after school rates.



answers from Dallas on

Wow... My daughter is going home with another girl and her live-in Nanny, and we are paying $100/week for 3 days.



answers from Wichita Falls on

$10 a day or $30 a week at a Boys and Girls club



answers from Dallas on

Last year my 8yr old went to Primrose after school 4 days a week and I paid $73 a week. This year my youngest starte kindergarten and so does our neighbor's son. So his mom is going to get both my girls after school for $40 a week.

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