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School Fundraiser

L.A. asks from Detroit

My first child is in kindergarten in a Detroit school. The parents decided to do a fundraiser for technology and classroom supplies. I received the fundraiser kit tod...


Had an Accident at School

T.K. asks from Dallas

My daughter had an accident at school (kindergarten started last week) and the teacher told me that "this hasn't happened in a LOOOONG TIME" and "gosh it was just eve...


Returning to School

K.D. asks from Bellingham

I am considering applying for admission to a part time MSW program. I am in my early 40's and have two children in elementary school. It would be a three year commitm...


Virtual School

D.B. asks from Eau Claire

We are considering doing a Virtual School for our 6 year old for next year. Anyone try one? Good and bad points? DS is in karate and wants to try soccer this summe...


Behavior in School

R.A. asks from Norfolk

i have an 8 yr old son who has been getting in trouble in his second grade class.He isnt staying on task,is being disruptive and doesnt listen to direction.This is ha...


School Lunches

J.S. asks from St. Louis

Does anyone have good ideas for a school lunch for a picky 2nd grader?? I'm looking for new ideas that are easy to put together-mornings are crazy! He loves those U...


More School Incidents

M.K. asks from Dallas

So last week my son (18 months) came back from school again with a cut underneath his eye. According to his teacher, he was running in the play area and ran into anot...


School Rules

S.H. asks from Fort Smith

OK, has only been in session 2 weeks and already "issues". Here's the scoop- The PE teacher wants the students to wear tennis shoes to PE. Last ye...


Miss School for This?

I.:. asks from Minneapolis

my grandpa died and we will be going to the funeral this weekend, which is 4 hours away, so my DD will have to miss school on friday. She is 6 and goes to all day K. ...


Home School

S.D. asks from Atlanta

Debating if I can home school my young child, with everything else I've got going.My 5 almost 6 yr old has been having a hard time in school.He is bright,charming,has...