Academic Performance: Simmons

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Mom Seeking Online College

Hey moms, I need some advice. I'm needing to take 6 hours of Business courses this summer to promote in my feild of employment. I would love to take them on line, but not sure which school has the best rep. for on line coarses. DeFry and Univ. of Pheniox are a couple I'm looking at. Any thoughts. Any help will be great. Thanks C.

Parent & Teacher Meetings

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Three Girls Picking on My Daughter

My daughter has three classmates that like to pick on her. She may bring some of this on herself because she's a super extrovert and it may bother some of the other kids, but she's usually friendly and her behavior is usually listed as "wonderful" in her school folder sent home weekly. Some examples: The ringleader told her she was ugly They ask if she wants to play, then play a trick on her (once told her to sit on a whoopie cusion and then got all the other kids laughing at her They block the bookcase, then won't let her get a...


When Do I Step In

I have always felt it very important to let kids work out the issues they...


Teacher at School

Hello Ladies, O.K. here goes. My daughter is in the 7th grade and has been...


How to Be a Teacher

Hello Moms, i am now in a very good Job which pays very well and also i work...


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School Administration

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Bullying...To Hit Back or Not

Hello everyone!! Here is my issue; I have a fourth grader who has been bullied all year long by the same child. I have been to school on numerous occasions talking to the administration and the teacher about this problem. My son recently has been getting played like a puppet. His tormentor has found that by taunting him, my son will swear when he is angry (a trait I do not condone). His bully then goes to the teacher and tells on him, now he is in trouble for swearing his bully comes out smelling like a rose. I have been advocating to...


When Do I Step In

I have always felt it very important to let kids work out the issues they...


My Sons Principal

~I do not live in Beverly Hills, I'm in Calgary AB Canada- its the only zip...