Detention & Suspension

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He Was Supposed to Have 10 Day Suspension

✩.!. asks from Los Angeles

I posted earlier about my son getting his first suspension. I spoke with the teacher and principal again and found out more to the story. My son was playing with bl...


Detention for an 8 Year Old??

J.C. asks from St. Louis

Okay, I have an 8 yr old whom I've recently gotten a diagnosis of Dyslexia through a private evaluator as the schools would not help. He does attend a catholic schoo...


School Suspension Policy over Toys?

D.K. asks from Seattle

My 8 year old is getting suspended from his elementary school for playing with a paper gun that his older friend in the same school gave him today. It's really 2 thic...


Any Mother Who Has Had a Child in Juvenille Detention Center

R.D. asks from New York

My son just got put in juvenille detention center for how long not sure of yet,I feel so empty inside and all I do is cry he called today crying he is not eating and ...


Discipline at School.

P.S. asks from Houston

I know my son was wrong and I certainly raised him better but he chose to do something impulsive and was caught. My son who is a freshman in a high school in a subu...


The Decision Is Already Made, I Mainly Need Someone to Tell Me It Will Be Ok

B.C. asks from Joplin

Hi wonderful Mamasource moms, I always feel better when I have asked advice, and I am hoping someone will know what to say in this situation. My son turns 13 tomor...


One Class - What's the Deal?

J.B. asks from San Antonio

My daughter is in 6th grade...Today (AGAIN), her Life Sciences teacher told me she didn't turn in an assignment. This is the FIFTH zero in this class and she is fail...


School punishment-Thanks I Got All the Answers I Need

A.G. asks from Boston

Thank you for those that have responded to the actual question and not about my sons phone use at school. I am all done with this question now since so many of you ar...


Is the School Wrong Here?

R.D. asks from Richmond

My friends daughter is a straight A student and has never gotten into any trouble at school. She excels in her extracurricular activities. My friend just called very ...


7 Yr Old Son Misbehaving in school..trying to Find the Appropriate Punishmnet

B.D. asks from Augusta

I got a call from the assistant principal today saying my son was calling a kid a baby and told him he needed diapers. It apparently turned into a physical altercatio...