Grades & Performance

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S.B. asks from Indianapolis

I have a fifteen yr old son. He is smart but is failing alot of his classes. He just doesn't seem to care. We have tried talking to his teachers, rewarding him for ge...


What Are "Good" Grades?

J.N. asks from Salt Lake City

OK, I was a super-nerd in school. I always got top grades and was never satisfied with less than an A ... The trick is that now my daughter is in 4th grade and start...


Rewards for Grades

H.M. asks from Dallas

Would just like some ideas what to do for grades on report cards. My son is in 2nd grade and made all A's! What are some rewards or things you do for grades? Thank...


Speaking of Grades....

☆.A. asks from Pittsburgh you tell your child what you "expect" from them? I mean I think from their first graded project, they all surely know that A is the best and F stinks. Y...


Respect and Grades

F.D. asks from Dallas

My 10 year old Tiffany isn't respecting her teacher. I've gotten numerous calls from her teacher, saying that Tiffany was being disrespectful at school that day. She ...


Grades Dropping

M.K. asks from San Francisco

Hello, My daughter is in 7th grade. Just today, we got the progress report letter and her grades are slipping. In elementary school, she always got straight A's and ...


Grades in Preschool

L.A. asks from Chicago

Hello. I recently posted about possibly holding my son back in school and year and not sending him to kindergarten...anyway I'm kind of shocked because it appears he...


Kids Grades

C.N. asks from Honolulu

I used to be a stay-home mom, keeping on top of my kids schoolwork and outside activities. Since starting work full-time almost a year ago, I find that my kids seem ...


School Grades

S.J. asks from Des Moines

My child received a D on a test for which she went in to retake for more points which is allowed by the school. When my child saw the teacher, she asked, "May I reta...



A.L. asks from Seattle

Hi. My daughter has always been a good student, getting 3s and 4s in her private school. Last year she moved to a public junior high, and shes an 8th grade now. She h...