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Epi Pen ????

My daughter is allergic to peanuts and we just went and picked up her epi pen and I noticed that it exp in may 2007. That just doesn't seem to be a very long shelf life for something that you hopefully will not need to use often. Of course if this is the norm that is fine but I feel like maybe the pharmacy just gave me an old one that they had on the shelf and if that is the case I am going back up there. So if someone could check theirs and let me know I would sooo appreciate it!

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Peanut Allergy and School

Is anyone familiar with Illinois food allergy legislation law? Or have experience dealing with public school on managing food allergy in school? My daughter is ready for kindergarten and this one and only school in our small town does not have anything in place for peanut allergy (other than there is a nurse who knows how to use an epi pen). The principle wants me to go to our dr. and get everything in writing for him. The school is serving PB and J daily and classrooms are filled with peanut products when we visited. School seems...