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Updated on September 01, 2011
S.H. asks from Magazine, AR
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OK, has only been in session 2 weeks and already "issues". Here's the scoop- The PE teacher wants the students to wear tennis shoes to PE. Last year they gave them time to change. Not this year! So my 11 yr old DD wants to wear flip flops now and will want to wear her new boots in the winter. I don't blame her. I am trying to get in all my last days of flip flops too. What should I do?

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So What Happened?

They have PE everyday. She is in elementary- 5th grade. They started switching classes this year so she just moves from one room to another. She shares desk/chair, etc with 4 other students so there is no place to leave shoes under desk. It is not a RULE that they tennis shoes. I checked the handbook. Last year they were allowed to change its just that this year they move around so much. I do think that it is a "bigger" issue with her than it has to be. She has an anxiety problem and this makes it a "BIG" deal for her. I have spoke to a paraprofessional and found out other classes are given time to change it just seems like her particular teacher doesn't. She wore sandals that zip today and took tennis shoes so we will see how it works. Thanks for your input!

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answers from Dallas on

Does she have PE every day? My daughter doesn't. On the days that she does, she wears her tennis shoes and regular shoes on the other days.

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Have her change her flip flops to tennis shoes in her classroom. Ask her regular teacher if she can keep her socks and shoes under her desk so all she has to do is slip them on. I can't imagine that it would be too hard on the primary teacher.

For boots, according to how big they are, she may need to keep them with her backpack. However, I wouldn't want to wear boots all day everyday - perhaps she would rather change into tennis shoes because that's more comfortable.

Good luck,

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answers from Norfolk on

Our school does not allow flip flops any time of the year.
They don't stay on feet and are not adequate for gym or recess.
She can kick off her sneakers when she gets home and wear flip flops the rest of the time, but for school - you wear what's required.
In middle school here they have gym every day for 2 weeks then 1 week of health.
They have to dress out from 7th grade and up, but my son likes wearing sneakers year round.

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Our school doesn't allow open toe shoes at all because of the safety issue. I don't think it's too much to ask that she wear sneakers 1 or 2 days a week. It's the rule and she needs to follow it.

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answers from Washington DC on

Our school does not allow flip flops!!!

I don't understand why they don't have time to change into tennis shoes? Our school has PE two days a week - and they request the kids dress appropriately those two days...however, they do give the kids about 5 minutes to change shoes...

Our school does not have lockers nor do we have a "gym" that has a shower or lockers you would in middle and high school.

Have her put her tennis shoes in her backpack and change them in class before she goes to gym...

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answers from San Francisco on

Our school never allowed flip flops, heels or clogs or any other kind of non-sturdy shoe, it's just not appropriate footwear for the playground (too many twisted ankles and bloody toes!)
As far as not giving them time to change, yeah, I get it. After working at the local elementary school I see how ridiculously slow kids are at any kind of transition, especially changing clothes or shoes. They may be given five minutes but it always takes longer and class time is wasted.
There are lots of cute tennis shoes on the market, I'm sure your daughter can find some she would enjoy wearing to school every day :)

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Are they not changing out at all? Are the kids in PE in whatever they wore that day (dress, picture day clothes, etc)? I would ask the PE teacher why there is no time to even change shoes to appropriate footwear. That seems really odd. We always changed. At my sks' middle school, they even had gym clothes you could purchase for the year.

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answers from New York on

Flip flops are dangerous and most schools don't allow them regardless of weather. She shouldn't be on the playground in them either.

You should find out which days your child will be in PE and send her in sneakers on those days. This is NOT an unreasonable request. IF you really feel like she should not have to follow a simple request like this, then your daughter needs to find time prior to PE to change her shoes without disrupting her classes.

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answers from New York on

She must wear the proper attire. don't make this a big deal because it isn't. Flip flops aren't allowed in any of my children's schools because they pose a falling hazzard even when there isn't any emergency. She should wear what is required of her and she can bring her flip flops for the commute to and from school. No big deal. Rules change.

I wish this was my problem. My son's school just decided they would go to uniforms. Now my budget for clothes for school has just been quadrupled and I have no idea where the extra money will come from. All of his items have logos on them and are expensive but they are required by his new principle. This makes me livid.


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Is she walking to school?

If she is, she should be wearing the appropriate shoe for the weather, regardless of what day it is. If there's snow or rain, she should wear her boots and carry her shoes in her backpack.

There's really no good reason she ought to wear flip flops. Sandals which buckle or fasten at the ankle, and which stay on without a problem on the playground...MAYBE, but not flip flops. While it's warm, there's no reason she shouldn't wear tennies on PE day. But I don't think that she should be forced to sit there with wet tennies on her feet on snowy or rainy days when she could wear boots and have dry tennies.



answers from San Francisco on

That doesn't really make sense. They have to change into their PE clothes, which would include shoes.

Do you have the information correct?


answers from Santa Fe on

Well, I would make the rule with my daughter that she has to wear her tennis shoes on that day each week. Let her pick out pink sparkly ones or whatever she things is cool and maybe she'll like them better? Just make it a hard and fast rule. She can wear her flip flops or boots the other 4 days of the week.



answers from Oklahoma City on

They need to change in their classroom before going to PE. It is a class just like the rest they go to, the computer lab, music, art, etc...her teacher should let them have a few minutes to get their gym stuff on. If not then she needs to ask to go to the bathroom every day before gym so she can change her shoes in the bathroom.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Our school "allows" flip flops or sandals but not for gym--you have to sit out if you don't have tennis shoes on. They are also not allowed to go onto the playground with sandals of any kind.
Can she quickly put on slip-on type tennies carried in her backpack or kept in her locker??
How many days per week is PE?


answers from Austin on

Is she in elementary school or middle school? Do they have lockers?

In elementary school they do not have dressing rooms or places to change clothes or shoes, so the rule is all of the kids are to wear Tennis shoes every day at school.

In Middle school, maybe she could carry a pair of slip on tennis shoes in her back pack or her locker nd swap out the shoes right before she gets to the gym.

You should not do anything except help your daughter figure out a solution or just let her keep her flip flops in her back pack and she can change into them a the end of the day,.

This is the rule and what the school has decided. Some schools do not ever allow flip flops to be worn in school.



answers from Cleveland on long can it take to slip off the flip-flops and put on sneakers?

There is no earthly reason why they should not be given five minutes to change clothes/shoes before and after PE. Are you sure you have the whole story? Or could your daughter have miscommunicated some of it?

If it IS true, I would simply tell the gym teacher that the children need time to change, and take it up with whomever you have to in order to get that to happen.

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