Academic Performance: LeapPad

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Thoughts on My First LeapPad

We just found a My First Leap Pad for $12. I bought it because that sounded like a good deal. It came with a My Little Mermaid book, obviously not for a little boy, but its better than nothing. I also found some online books for it, ABC's. Number Farm and Leap to the Moon. Anyone else have one of these? What books did you find were the most interesting for your kids? I'm not really looking to spend a lot on the books, the ones I found were on Amazon for $2-$4 each. I'm happy for now with what we have, but I'm sure he will grow tired of the...


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Recommend Books or Tools That Help Kids Learn to Read?

I have a 6 yo daughter in Kindergarten. My question is 2 folds: 1. What books or series do you recommend for a beginning reader? I see a lot of different series from Scholastic, but don't know which one is good. Is there a series that you would recommend? 2. Another Mom recommended the LEAP FROG handheld reading game. I'm hesitant to get a computer game, but she swears it helped her kids learn how to read really quickly and they love it. Have you tried it? What was your experience?