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Unresponsive Principal

M.F. asks from Minneapolis

Hi everyone, My child is entering middle school this year, and I emailed the school principal to see if we could find out about teacher placement. I wanted to know b...


Should I Be Honest with Principal

S.M. asks from Phoenix

We decided our dd is not going on the out of town trip because the teacher she is assigned to doesn't,t properly supervise the class bully and our child doesn't.t wan...


My Sons Principal

M.R. asks from Los Angeles

~I do not live in Beverly Hills, I'm in Calgary AB Canada- its the only zip code I know~ Mother of 3 boys, my eldest son is 8 1/2. Gr. 3 He has very dry skin and ha...


Why Would the Principal Attend the Parent Teacher Meeting?

A.A. asks from Los Angeles

I’m a new mom and my son is in first grade and now goes to a charter school and is home schooled two days a week and attends the charter school classroom 3 days a w...


Have You Ever Called the Principal of Your School, and If So Why?

S.R. asks from Phoenix

I'm just curious what types of issues other parents have brought straight to the principal. I know of a situation and my child's school which I'd rather not mention ...


School Principal and Class Placement

R.S. asks from Detroit

O.K. so I am so frustrated. My son was in first grade last year and had a teacher who was good, but was a yeller. My son is sensitive to yelling and the first few m...


How Does Your PTA/PTO Work with the Principal?

K.B. asks from San Francisco

I have just begun a term as co-president on our elementary PTA and we're wondering how things work at other schools. Do you work closely with the principal, or is s/h...


Have You Reported Things Anonymously to Principal?

S.J. asks from Des Moines

There are a few things going on at my kid's middle school that I think the principal should know about. A few incidences have occurred which are clearly against the ...


Does Your Principal Attend PTA?

J.B. asks from Atlanta

Another question reminded me to ask this one of my own. My husband and I are not highly impressed with the principal of our son's school. This is our oldest and he's ...


Would You Give the Principal a Christmas Card?

G.♣. asks from Springfield

We have generally given teachers and daycare teachers a $10 giftcard. Our kindergartener is special needs, and the principal has worked with him considerably this ye...