Academic Performance: Puppets

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What to Do with the Piles and Piles of School Artwork?!

I'm desperately trying to get a handle on the chaos in my house that has gotten out of hand since my fourth baby was born in September. I am able to organize most things pretty efficiently, but the one thing I have never been able to figure out how to deal with is the artwork and school papers that come home every day. Now I have 2 kids in preschool, so they are coming home with completed cut and paste exercises, paper bag hand puppets, painted masterpieces, and a ton of projects that relate to the current season or theme of the week. ...

Detention & Suspension

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5 Yr Old Acting Out in School... Continued

So, I ended up placing my son in counseling, he has already had two sessions that he seems to enjoy. I've taken the suggestion of doing a behavioral chart at home, allowing him to earn certain rewards and privileges for good behavior at school, as well taking away certain privileges for poor behavior, it has not worked so far and believe me, I'm sticking to my guns. Recently, my son was given Saturday detention for dumping sand on some 1st graders, along with two other children, after being told not to throw sand on anyone. My son;s father...

Grades & Performance

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Any Advice on Instilling Good Study Habits in Kids?

My own parents were completely hands off when it came to my homework when I was a child. As a result, I don't know much about supervising my 2nd grader while she does her homework. After realizing that I was confusing my daughter by teaching her my own concepts which differs from what her teacher teaches in the classroom, I now plan on letting the teacher do the teaching. Now, I just make sure my daughter fills in the blanks, edits her own work, and places her work in her backpack. I'm also reading her chapter books (very time-consuming...


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My 2Nd Grade Son Hates Math!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help? Is there a fun way to help him memorize multiplication facts? This has become such a problem he is starting to hate school in general. Please help!

Parent & Teacher Meetings

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Should I Email the Teacher?

Hi Moms! I need some help! Thanks in advance for those of you who reply. This morning I had my 8th grade daughter walk my Kindergardener to class for me. She said as her and my son walked in a little boy was pointing and saying look. At that moment the little girl he was saying this to turns around and says " ah, I don't like him." This really bothered me. I was thinking of emailing the teacher to see if something was going on that the little girl feels this way. Not an attack of course she is a kid but I don't want this to continue. She...


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How to Read to Your Kids

This is going to sound like a silly concern, as most of my concerns do! I'm a writer by trade and I love reading. I come from a long line of librarians and I've been waiting my whole life to read to my kid. Before I had kids, I read to kids I babysat and I found that the girls are much, much better about sitting still and paying attention to the story. I also have a cousin whose mom is a librarian, and he grew up to hate reading! So despite my family background, I've always been afraid that my kid wouldn't love reading. So now I...

School Administration

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Where to Find Puppets

I am looking for a store in the Sterling Heights/Rochester area that might sell puppets that I can use to help teach my 4 year old Sunday school class. I can't find any puppets anywhere. I have tried Lakeshore Learning (they had some but were for kids to hold -- too small for my hands), Toys R Us and the Family Christian bookstore. I was hoping to not have to buy one online. Anyone have any ideas?