Workout Buddy: South Beach

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Curves Work for You?

T.M. asks from Dayton

I've once again decided it's time to do something about my weight. I used to be thin and trim without trying, was very active in sports, aerobics, etc. Then kids came...


HELP!! Weight Loss and Exercise !

B.W. asks from Canton

Ok ladies... Im 32 (almost 33) I work out with hubby every other day with weights. We have a treadmill and too (when i get on it) I weighed 213 and now am down to ...


Weight Loss

E.L. asks from Los Angeles

Help...I need some wieght loss tricks. I am 5'6" but I look about 175. I have been working out walking/jogging most days of the week and lifting weights for streng...


Need to Lose 10 Lbs. Weight Watchers Or ??

S.E. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I want to lose the 10 pounds (or so) that have been hanging around since winter 2010! I'm terrible at dieting. I used to be able to just cut back a bit an...


What Diet Pills Work the Best and Are the Safetest?

C.D. asks from Dallas

I have been working out for about 2 months now, and i feel "tighter" but i weigh myself and nothing. No weight lost. Its getting me discouraged, I don't eat alot, o...



K.H. asks from Nashville

I am having a hard time losing weight. I have 3 kids and am now done. Lol! I really want to focus on losing the weight I gained with all three of them. I have 60 lbs....


Suggestions on Weightloss

C.W. asks from Tallahassee

My husband and I have been talking about babies for a little while and his one consistent request is that I'm in shape for the pregnancy. I'm currently about 50-lbs ...


In Desperate Need of Time to Excercise!!!

N.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, I used to regularly work out before I had my daughter. Then when she was born it dwindled to taking walks (which I liked, and was pretty good excercise). Ho...


Good Way to Lose Weight for Mom Who Is Still Nursing Her 1 Year Old?

M.B. asks from Seattle

I'm over 40, so I know it will be challenging. I've tried South Beach before and it worked, but not sure I'm ready to do that one again. The first phase is kind of br...


Reviews on Diet Pills Good or Bad

S.S. asks from Appleton

Has anyone tried any of the weight loss products like Ultra 90, Slim Quick, NV, etc and had success with them? My husband and I have already made a lifestyle change ...