Workout Buddy: Curves

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Curves Work for You?

T.M. asks from Dayton

I've once again decided it's time to do something about my weight. I used to be thin and trim without trying, was very active in sports, aerobics, etc. Then kids came...


Seeking Walking Buddy in the Mansfield Area

Z.G. asks from Dallas

I am trying to lose weight so bad after just having a baby and really need to start exercising. I just moved here and I really don't know anyone but would love to hav...


Losing Weight Advice

M.J. asks from Sacramento

my son is about to turn two and I still have not lost the baby weight, Please help I currently have membership at curves, but by the time I get home cook my son dinne...


Making Excercise Stick

K.C. asks from Boston

Never having made exercise a regular part of my routine, how do I start and make it stick (especially with 18mo DD in tow)? I tried Curves a couple years back but ...


How Much Is Good? or How Much Am I Supposed to Be Doing?

M.M. asks from Dallas

Hi, moms! I have never been one to really excersize and diet but all of a sudden I am in this mood to get thin! I have been excersizing for 2 weeks already and am rea...


Working Out at Home

C.M. asks from Detroit

Moms i need help! i need to shed 30 lbs and i am not motivated! in the past i have tried to count my calories on, i joined a walking group at work and i...



K.H. asks from Nashville

I am having a hard time losing weight. I have 3 kids and am now done. Lol! I really want to focus on losing the weight I gained with all three of them. I have 60 lbs....


Suggestions on Weightloss

C.W. asks from Tallahassee

My husband and I have been talking about babies for a little while and his one consistent request is that I'm in shape for the pregnancy. I'm currently about 50-lbs ...


Rude Neighbor - When to Stand up for Yourself and When to Let It Go

L.M. asks from Houston

Venting and asking a question.... I got married in February. We both owned homes and after much discussion, we decided to move into my hubby's house. He has live...


Weight Loss HELP

K.S. asks from Cincinnati

I'm just curious.....I'm at my wits end with my weight....I have done everything I can even imagine.....Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Adkins, Eating barely nothing, c...