Seeking Workout Buddy in Grand Prairie/Arlington Area"

Updated on February 24, 2008
C.H. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
4 answers

Hey! I am a young, married Mom (23) with an 18 month old son and I am looking for a workout buddy in the Grand Prairie/Arlington area. I dont know any young moms and would like to meet a few because I find its easier to work out with a girlfriend then all alone! My name is C. and if youre interested in losing a few pounds and need someone to do it with, let me know and maybe we can get slim together! (Sounds a lil corny, huh? HA!)

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answers from Dallas on

Hi C.! My name is B.. I'm a 23 y/o mom of a 20 month old little boy, Jacob. I've recently started to work out again, but agree with you, it's much better when you have someone to work out with. I live in GP. Maybe we can get together sometime and shed this weight together.



answers from Savannah on

I understand the needing a buddy to work out. That always helps keep me motivated. I just joined Stroller Strides in Arlington. I get to work out and spend time with my daughter.



answers from Dallas on


I live in Arlington and workout at the LA Fitness on Little Road. If you're interested, we could try and meet up there. I am not going real regularly right now. My busy life with 3 boys and working full time is not cooperating with my plan to workout a lot and loose some weight.

J. L.



answers from Dallas on

Hey C.!! I am D. and I also need to loose some baby weight!! I live in Arlington and would love to be your wokr out buddy! I need motivation too and I also do not know any young moms in the area. Message me and maybe we can meet up some where some time!!

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