How Can I Stay Motivated to Workout Even When I Am Exhausted??

Updated on April 14, 2010
J.M. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Its been over a year since I had my daughter, and I still weigh close to what I did when I had her (too much to state)!! I get so exhausted everyday, and will put off working out (which is affecting my overall health and ability to be a GREAT mommy). Any suggestions? Anyone need a workout partner or want to help keep me motivated?

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answers from Dallas on

Maybe trying doing it earlier (if possible)before you are completely exhausted...I have been there I understand. Also, I have been doing a workout that is just 22 minutes. Since it is so short I can usually push myself to get through that.

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answers from Dallas on

Consistency in working out requires a routine, incentive and commitment. I get up and put on my workout clothes so each morning I am committed. I don't get to have a shower until after I work out, so I have incentive. I go to the gym right after I drop my son off at school and once I am there I decide how long I have to work out that day. Some days I only can spare 20 - 30 minutes. Other days I can hang out, take my time and do a complete work out. My routine is to go everyday -- to be there. Truth is no one can go every day. Things come up. But when I don't go, I feel like I am out of my routine. Og Mandino said that in life we are left with only our habits. Cultivate good habits. Have a good life. BTW I am in my 50s and it is really hard sometimes, so I'm glad I started working out regularly when I was much younger. Good Luck.



answers from Provo on

I look at myself in the mirror when I take a shower and it scares me to the gym and not get that coke when I need the extra energy. I'm not sure about your situation, but one thing that gets me is realizing that my joint hurt a ton when I move. My son is 25 lbs at 6 months ( I KNOW!!! he is huge!) I'm already overweight when got pregnant and now that I have to carry around that extra 25 lbs it is killing my energy and joints. So acknowledging the fact that I can't do what I want to do (like get up off the ground when he and I play) like you have done, and then just reminding myself every time we are on the ground that I eventually have to go through pain, gets me to they gym. Granted I started a month ago so I'm sure my motivation will die someday. But that is how I currently keep me going.
That and in all honesty I have more energy after I go to the gym. Like last night I got home at midnight and I was ready to clean the whole house.



answers from Dallas on

Great suggestions so far. I think we all struggle with exhaustion at times. Are you on a good vitamin regime? If not you should look into this. Our bodies run off of energy. What we put into our bodies has a lot to do with how we feel and our energy level. Moms are notorious for making sure our kids eat right while we nibble here and there grap something while we can and therefore not eating a good meal ourselves. Are you eating breakfast? This meal sets you up for the day. I do a energizing soy protein drink for breakfast and it really helps.

Find a workout buddy. This will help keep you accountable for working out even when you are tired. Which gym do you belong to if you do belong to one. Let us know and maybe one of us is a member of a gym around you so that we could meet you there. Do you like to run? If so sign up for a race. If you need a training routine for a race let me know and I will work one out for you. If you have something you are working towards you are more likely to get your workouts in. Also classes at a gym are a good way to meet people.

I hope this helps. I can give you more information on nutrition if you are interested as well.




answers from San Antonio on

I use the gym as mommy time. Sometimes that just means hanging out in the pool or spa. I find that it I'd best for me to go to the gym first thing. The kids club opens at 9 so that's when I get there. I also shower there so that I can do what I want during naptime.



answers from Dallas on

I use an e-trainer. I have a crappy used treadmill at home and some handweights. I was SO unmotivated... but she was able to send me workouts, videos so I knew how to do what she was listing and she gave me encouragement and accountability. Her name is Trish Snyder... she's worth talking to. Her email is: or you can look her up on Facebook under Training with Trish... she is fantastic and affordable!!!



answers from Madison on

How about signing up for a group class? I don't have the motivation to do workouts by myself on a consistent basis, but if I am part of a class I find it much more enjoyable and tend to stick with it.

Do you stay at home? Maybe you could do a daytime class at a health club while your child is in the club's childcare.



answers from Des Moines on

i play a mom trick on myself. i workout when my son naps and to make sure i do it i tell myself i am not allowed to sit on the computer or relax during his nap until i have worked out. i do it right after i lay him down and then i am free to relax during the remaining time. i am 23 weeks pregnant right now and so i do mostly the stationary bike and treadmill. to make time go faster i put on head phones and watch tv shows i have missed on the computer



answers from Atlanta on

I never worked out in my life and never had any motivation to do so. I am in a different situation, I have always been tiny, 100lbs but still very much out of shape. After I had my daughter I decided to work out to try to gain some weight. I never thought I would like it and now I do. It did not help me gain weight but I did gain muscle and feel better. If you are a SAHM like me going to the gym is a break. I go to the Y so I can take my daughter, she loves it so it has been great for her too. I have made friends, so it doesn't feel like a gym. If you have a YMCA close, they are cheaper, have childwatch and are much more like a community than a gym. I was one of those people who would laugh off any suggestion of working out, why would someone like me even need to work out.... everyone needs to do some sort of physical activity no matter what. I am also in school so for that one hour three times a week I do not have to think about school or chores. It is like a brain break. I have something else to concentrate on. I work out in the morning before I lose motivation. We get up get dressed and breakfast and then go. I am home before lunch, then my daughter takes a nap after lunch. She gets to play and gets her exercise too, and is worn out. The days I don't want to go I think of something I want, even just Starbucks, and say to myself if you want that then you have to do this. Think of a reward, and after going then you get it. I want a new comforter, I better go three times a week for a month. It is my reward to myself for doing something good for myself. Win win. It has become a routine and part of my schedule. If you can make it work one week why not keep going with it, so come up with a schedule that works for you and stick with it. If you miss one day or don't go you will throw the whole thing off.
So, find a gym that you are comfortable with, and one you can take your daughter to. The Y is great b/c they are more than a gym.
Come up with a reward system.
Make a schedule.
Find classes that you love. I love my step class, it is a huge challenge for me. I look forward to it the most and feel guilty when I miss a class. Weird for me.
Of course you have to stick with it. Which is the hardest for most people. I had a trainer the first year because I knew I needed to be accountable to someone. It helped me greatly to be motivated even when I didn't want to be. If you have to get a trainer for 6 weeks just to give you the start you need then do that.



answers from Dallas on

I always encourage moms to have their thyroid checked after having a baby! some of the fatique, mood issues and such - just get attributed to being a new mom - when it is very common to actually have a thyroid issue!

Once you actually start getting regular exercise - you WILL have more energy!! You will!!! Put her in her stroller and just go on a long walk - that is a great place to start!



answers from Dallas on

I felt the same way...well, I still hate working out, 13 years later!!
Do you get enough sleep? Try getting her on more of a routine at night if you are not. Also, are you still breastfeeding? No, I guess not...I was anemic when I was breastfeeding, not from too little iron but too little of other nutrients that you need to absorb the iron. See if you're anemic. Also, of course it's normal to be exhausted & you probably will be for a couple more years yet. Last, find something fun to do...maybe not the gym but chasing her up & down the climbing thing in the park, playing Dance Dance Revolution, whatever, that you can do at home.

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