I Need a Weight Loss Buddy Will You Be My Virtual Buddy

Updated on March 27, 2011
J.B. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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Hi there momma's. I just had a beautiful baby girl about 10 weeks ago. I am trying to lose weight and need to lose about 20 pounds to be at my goal. I need someone to motivate me and do weigh ins with me and be able to chat when we feel tempted and talk about our challenges and progress. My hubby is always work and my 3 little ones are always eat and I am very tempted and find it hard to lose weight around them, I desperately want to lose the weight by July my 5 year anniversary. If anyone is interested in losing weight and talking about it by emails back and forth and doing weekly weighins with me and celebrating via the internet let me know. I just need someone to boost me and help me lose the pregnancy weight. I gained 40 and have lost 20 of that just need the other 20 off. Looking to start tomorrow.

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So What Happened?

Here is the facebook site we can all join. Thanks to Daisey

Weight loss buddies I just started a FACEBOOK page so we can encourage and give each other tips on how to lose those unwanted pounds. Come join me at Daisy DeCarli .

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answers from Lakeland on

Someone who is tech savvy start a page or a group! I want to join and I need some serious motivation. My husband just doesn't get it!!! Someone please let me know!



answers from Appleton on

That would be great. I need to lose about 20-25 lbs.
Good for you on losing the 20 lbs.

Congrats on the little one.

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answers from Chicago on

Oh, yes! That would be perfect! I need to drop a solid 50. I just woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and said "Enough is enough!" I would be happy to be a virtual buddy and could use one myself! Great idea!



answers from Cumberland on

As I'm pregnant I can't be of help right now but if your kids eating habits are tempting you you might want to consider making a weekly menu. I use one for my daycare. If you stick to what you have planned for them it could help. The food program suggests the following:

Fruit and grain--breakfast (I would suggest adding protein here to for a good start to the day (eggs, cottage cheese etc...)

Snacks (a.m. and p.m.)--2 or the 4 food groups--protein and fruit, or veggie and grain, or fruit and grain etc.

Lunch and Dinner --Grain, Protein, 2 veggies or 1 veg and 1 fruit.

Hope this helps!



answers from Phoenix on

A lady I know in Gilbert, AZ is doing a healthy habits challenge. It's already started, but maybe you start one of your own or just use some of her ideas and tracking sheet. Being held accountable and checking in with each other really helps. Here's her healthy habits challenge blog: http://happyhealthfulhabbits.blogspot.com/
Good Luck!



answers from Cleveland on

I would love to participate. I've an 8 month old and lost the weight but only gained 25 as they had me on such a strict gestational diet. I've continued and have an extra 10 I've lost but would like to lose 25 more so I can hopefully avoid diabetes. I can either create a facebook page though it seems kind of public for something that to me is private or a yahoogroups? Message me if you'd like me to or I'll otherwise join whatever you decide.



answers from Boston on

WOW...maybe we can all havea little "coffee clatch" of weight loss here and help each other! I am the mom of two teens but I'm also a nanny to my one year old niece so I might as well be a new mom again at age 41! She keeps me busy and has done so since she was born. I have 20 pounds to lose as well. I was very thin and very good about diet and such until my Dad tragically passed away in 2008. I fell to pieces and was beyond heartbroken when he died. I don't smoke, drink, or have any other addictions but I fell off the wagon and gained 40 pounds in two years from sadness and grief. I am better now and have accepted my dad's death....I have also lost 22 of the 40 pounds within the past 5 months. BUT...I have at least 20-25 more to go and at age 42 now....this is a serious CHORE! However, I'm a great motivator and I do have willpower of steel. I gained 65 pounds with my two pregnancies when I was younger and took it all off and kept it off up until the issue with my dad occurred. Now I'm back on track, I have two teens and a baby underfoot and I could use FRIENDS! Maybe we can all help each other through this? If you guys are onboard...message me or respond back on Mamapedia. I'm here for you J. and Daisey!


answers from Houston on

I need about 20-25 lbs to reach my goal tooI recently went from size 14-15 in pants down to a 12(with a little give in the waist), i never check my email but i face-book a lot, if you have one of those id be cool with that. Im currently finishing up 2 months of jillians 30 day shred (i felt i needed another month) I just ordered another video of hers "lose fat and speed up metabolism" Its a 40 minute workout, i plan to do it mon-wed-fri- and on other days i plan to do other videos, or walking or rollerblading. Im dieting to of course, nothing crazy. Small meals containing whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies, i slip in some naughty stuff too, but rarely. Right now Im connecting via text with a friend about our workouts, i had two buddies, one completely gave up and another was doing great and now shes flaking on me.\\

pm me


answers from Milwaukee on

My friends do this thru a private Facebook page. It has been very helpful to say the least.

Lots of venting, suggestions and random articles we come across. Fun to have some support from friends.



answers from San Francisco on

I would love too! Maybe we could get a group list going if anyone is interested so that we can all motivate eachother. I need to lose a bunch and am always interested in new friends to help out and also get advice from too. Take care-- PM me if your interested.




answers from Boston on

This is great! I need to lose weight also and need someone to motivate me too! I am a lot older than you but I am willing to do this with you. I have challenges to work through and this is a perfect way for me to get my butt going! Even if a few people did this it would be great! You can lose 20 pounds in no time! And I have a dress I need to wear in August!

Congrats on you new beautiful baby girl!!!


answers from Chicago on

HI J.,

I'm not sure if the website I am going to recommend has virtual weight loss buddies, but I've heard really postive remarks about the site: I've briefly looked at it and it does look like it worth trying it out. It says it's all free, but I haven't signed up yet. (I believe they have a FB account, too.)


It can't hurt to look into it, right? Good luck with your weight loss goal!


answers from Dallas on

I coach and offer a plan. Contact me if your interested.



answers from Philadelphia on

I have lost 23 since the 28th of November. I feel better and look better. Just drop me a line and I will be happy to motivate you.



answers from Los Angeles on

What a brilliant idea! I would be willing to coach you all to your health and wellness goals for no charge. I have been looking for a group of motivated moms who want to "test drive" my 12 week Food Rules Program. Please email me at
[email protected]____.com to participate.

Family Success Coach



answers from Philadelphia on

Yes. I need to loose ten lbs.

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