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Updated on December 28, 2006
S. asks from Chicago, IL
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I've always been overweight but since my kids the weight has just PILED on. The ideal would be to lose 45 pounds. Even at that weight, I'd still be overweight :( but I would just love it and be thrilled with it. However 45 pounds seems too high of a goal at this point I'd be happy with anything.

I have lost weight in the past and the one thing that worked was having a exercise and weightloss partner. Having a weightloss and exercise partner keeps me accountable and involved. We can support each other, do weekly weigh-ins etc.

The gym I currently belong to is XPort Gym on Elston in Mayfair Park. (I have not set foot in the gym in months, and so I HAVE to do this so it's not a complete waste of money.) Since I work full time, the best time for working out for me is 6am/6:30am for 1 hr or 30 min workouts. So I can get out get dressed, kids ready and out the door for school and work.

Working out together would be the best, but just the weekly weigh ins would be good too. I do best with a group. I know Weight Watchers does the same thing, but this way we can keep it free. I'll be happy to organize something. Weekly weighin, meet for workouts, whatever works. If anyone is interested. Just let me know.

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I would love to get involved, but I don't live near you. I commend you on your effort and good luck.



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I commend you for trying to lose weight. It's not easy working full time and being a mom, which both I do too. I need to lose weight too but find it hard. I tried waking up at 6am a few weeks to get in an hour of cardio before leaving for work at 7am but it renders me so exhausted by 9pm that night! My little girl goes to bed by 8:30pm so that leaves me no time to relax with my husband or relax, period! So I've resorted to excercising in the basement 2-3x a week with the TV and my iPod blaring after she goes to bed. But doing that is even hard and requires so much committment.

I wish I can join you but I live in Des Plaines. I'm sure you will find a partner and best of all luck to you. Remember to add weight lifting, a common thing people forget to do when trying to lose weight. Adding muscle will make u burn more fat. And no, it won't make you bulky.
Good luck!



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I do live somewhat in the area, near Montrose and Cicero, and I too am trying to lose weight. I however, have a membership at Ballys at six corners. My best friend and I have been doing what you are trying to do, but the working out together is very difficult. We rarely workout together at all, but what we do is text each others loss on our Monday weigh-ins. That way, even though we don't get the "workout buddy" perk, there is a sense of accountability. I am looking to get more serious about my efforts after the new year and would be very interested if you are able to get some kind of workout program together. If not, good luck on all your efforts and have a wonderful New Year.



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I may be interested... I don't live far from that area..Peterson/Cicero. However, I recently had a foot operation and will not be up and walking until March...I am a walker... I love to power walk and hope to get back to it once the foot is healed. I am also overweight and would love to get a group together for support in weight loss.

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