What to Expect When You're Expecting: Preschooler

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Unruly 3 Year Old

D.D. asks from Syracuse

I wrote a couple of weeks ago and i really need some advise. My 3 year old girl is completely out of control. She does not listen to anyone, she is horribly bratty,...


Teaching a 3 Year Old to Wait Patiently

M.P. asks from San Francisco

A recent trip to the bank made me realize that I need to work on teaching my son on how to wait patiently. During the 15 minute trip he spent 14 of it trying to get m...


Creative Ways to Announce You're Expecting.

M.B. asks from Salt Lake City

I was wondering if you have any creative ideas on how to tell your husband and family you are expecting. Thanks!


What Should I Expect from Husband Who Is SAHD?

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

My husband is a stay at home dad and has been for 5 years. He is going to school full-time (mostly online) and does some computer repair/website work occassionally f...


Baby #2 Due in 3 Weeks- How to Talk to 3 Year Old About Being in the Hospital

S.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello. I am due to have my second baby in about 3 weeks and have been trying to figure out a the best way to tell my 3 year old daughter that I will be in the hospi...


7 Year Old Soon Will Discover No Santa, What to Do About 3 Year Old?

C.F. asks from Indianapolis

My 7 year old has already called me out thinking I am the tooth fairy so I think Santa will be right down the road. I want to preserve Santa, etc...for my 3 year old ...


Sleeping Problems with 3 Year Old

T.J. asks from Chicago

My son was a pretty good sleeper until he turned 3. Now there are many nights when he will not sleep through the night - last night was the worst: He woke at 3:30 a...


Getting a 4 Year Old to Bed.

S.B. asks from Denver

I have tried everything. My daughter is turning 4 so it has been two years of Supernanny, Love and Logic, all the back to bed, everything. However, she still insist...


When Is It Reasonable to Expect a Child to Sit down for Dinner?

S.J. asks from Charlottesville

I have a soon to be 16 month old who has a horrible time sitting still long enough to eat dinner. I know that she just discovered walking and is all over the place, ...


My 3 Year Old Is Out of Control!!!

K.C. asks from Miami

My 3 year old son is a very head strong little boy. I just read the article from Krissy and I thought that sounds like my son! He can swim the length of the pool, h...