Book for 2.5Yo Girl Getting Baby Brother

Updated on August 01, 2011
M.K. asks from DPO, AA
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I'm expecting #2 this fall and would love some recommendations for a good book for my 2.5yo daughter. We talk about the new baby etc but she loves, loves to "read". I am looking for a good book to read to her and with good pictures about getting a new baby brother. She was a preemie and we are expecting this one to be as well. Because she is so young she will not be able to come to the hospital to see the baby in the NICU. No one under 18 is allowed in and I really don't want her to see him through a window hooked up to machines and monitors. If you know of one that talks about babies and hospitals that would be great too. Anyone have any good recommendations? Thanks

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answers from Rochester on

I never thought to get my little guy a book when expecting his sister, but after the fact I found in the childrens section of borders a whole section of books on Life getting a new brother or sister, potty training, etc. I would start there.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I just bought my son a book called something like ' You're a Big Brother now". It was at Target. They had one for girls too.

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

I would totally recommend "I'm a Big Sister."
I just looked and found you can get it on Amazon for $5. (

It's still my daughters favorite book and her brother is 1 1/2 now. I would change some of the words when I read it to her so that it was more personal... like names or a specific word we use rather than the one in the book. It basically it empahsises how many cool things big sisters can do... to include being a big helper. :)

We started reading it to her when I was pregnant with her little brother. She actually loves it so much that she started referring to herself as "Big Sister." Seriously... her name became Big Sister. For awhile she would correct us when we called her by name, "I'm Big Sister!" LOL :)

Good luck with your pregnancy... and enjoy this time. I remember how sweet it was explaining to my daughter every day how special she is to our family, to her little brother (to be), and to us as our sweet little girl and our BIG helper. She really seemed to grasp the amazing role she plays in our family, how important it is to be a big sister. Of course that didn't entirely mean she was above that whole green-eyed-moster thing. But when we have those episodes we remind her of how special she is as the Big Sister. :)

Blessings :)

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

I have bought these books for my first born: What to Expect When Mommy's Having a Baby (What to Expect Kids) by Heidi Murkoff and Laura Rader (Paperback - Jan 20, 2004) --then hardcover and What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home (What to Expect Kids) by Heidi Murkoff and Laura Rader (Hardcover - Jan 23, 2001). My son loved both books. My second child for whose arrival the books were bought for loved the books just the same now that my sister was having her first child. It is explained in a nice child languge with lots of pics and with Angus a dog--there are activities in the books as well that Angus suggests like looking at their baby pics. They don't address though your special situation of a possible hospital stay.

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