What to Expect When You're Expecting: Adult Child

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What I Expect from Teachers

K.M. asks from Washington DC

Okay first this may be long. Second it's more of a vent/rant than a question, but I may throw a question in since this is a Q&A forum! When I send my children to ...


How to Overcome a Jealous Adult Child

M.Z. asks from Phoenix

I have 4 children (2 are adults), husband has 2 adult children in their 30’s. His eldest daughter continues to exclude me and my kids from events that should be fam...


18 Year Old Out of Control!

D.B. asks from Dothan

I have an 18 year old daughter. She is in 11th grade, she works part time after school. She has no respect for me or my husband (her step dad). I constantly am doing ...


Gifts for You from Adult Children

R.X. asks from Houston

I am pseudo Aunt. She asked me to go Christmas shopping with her to seek a gift for her mom.. Dang! She is looking at real designer handbags at about $3oo a pop! ...


Refuse to Let Adult Child Move Back Home?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

Ok, so brief background: I don't have any grown children but I do have a mother who, in many ways, acts like my teenage daughter more than my mother. She is fairly fr...


Do I Have the Right to Be Mad About a Crappy Gift?

T.K. asks from Dallas

I have given my husband some really sweet, thoughtful, cool, wonderful gifts. I start planning weeks in advance. He goes and shops for himself and then gives me a lo...


Mother/adult Daughter

A.M. asks from Washington DC

My adult daughter is in her early 30's. She didn't leave home until she was 28. She is living many states away. She's living with a guy out of necessity. She had ...


Keep Bugging the Ex About Xmas Presents?

J.T. asks from San Francisco

A question to you all -- how or what should I do about an ex-husband who doesn't take his kids out shopping for their mother (that would be me!) for Christmas and oth...


Opinions Wanted and Needed

K.F. asks from New York

Sorry this is long. My oldest is in his last year of college and we all were looking forward to him graduating in May. However he has informed us that he will have an...


Pre-Pregnancy Classes, the Baby How To's......

B.M. asks from Cincinnati

Hello Mom's, after all this time asking questions about my nieces and nephews my husband and I are ready to start our own family. I am excited but my question is this...