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Trouble with 3 Year Old

Moms, I need some advice or just an ear. Here is our story: We had our first son at 30 weeks after I had been hospitalized on bedrest from 23 to 30 weeks. He was the only child/grandchild until our second son came 2.5 weeks ago. I had been on bedrest with our second pregnancy at home from 16 to 38 weeks and sort of lost all validity with our first child. Now that the baby is home, our oldest is really acting out. Naughty words, hitting, making faces behind backs, being naughty to our pets, hitting his brothers bouncer and such and...

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Help! My 3 YO Niece Never Sleeps!!!

My sister and her two daughters - 3 and 4 live me. The 3 YO doesn't SLEEP! All hours of the morning she's roaming the house! I'm talking 2AM, 4AM, etc. Sometimes she wakes the 4 YO. The one bad thing is that my sis, when she's asleep, she's "dead" to the world so they come and bother me. The daycare has kept her awake during nap time to help, but this doesn't work! She's up at daycare at 6AM everyday. What can I do to make her SLEEP! HONESTLY, I thought about Benadryl, but she's too young!!!

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Unruly 3 Year Old

I wrote a couple of weeks ago and i really need some advise. My 3 year old girl is completely out of control. She does not listen to anyone, she is horribly bratty, and has no regard for anyone else. When we are with other children, she will rip toys away from them, push them, and is ALWAYS the boss. But, she is the first to cry when someone else does something to her that she doesn't like. She has started talking baby talk all the time. It's not an attention thing, because I give her attention 24/7 and try very hard to be patient. ...