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Nutramigen Ready to Feed or Powdered....

Y.T. asks from Houston

IS NUTRAMIGEN LIQUID DIFFERENT FROM NUTRAMIGEN POWDER? My 1 month old son has acid reflux so spitt up and gas are a Huge deal in my house. Her pedi just switched h...


Toddler Version of Nutramigen?

B.E. asks from Jacksonville

Is there a "toddler formula" like Nutramigen? My 14 old son cannot tolerate cow's milk, lactose free cow's milk, goat's milk, soy milk, or almond milk. I have not...


Anyone Tried Nutramigen?

K.R. asks from San Luis Obispo

recently my ped. reccomended nutramigen. my son might have a problem with lactose and i don't want to use soy so she said to try this and see what happens. besides th...


Any Moms with Babies on Enfamil Nutramigen?

K.P. asks from Boston

Hi there, I have a 5.5 month old son who was put on nutramigen because of horrendous belly pain. We noticed immediate relief once we started him on it and I am so tha...


Formula Issues with New Baby

H.H. asks from Great Falls

My 5 week old daughter is on formula exclusively now. We tried the Enfamil Gentlease - too harsh for her tummy (lots of gas and big huge bubbles). The dr. recommend...


Milk Allergies--help!

J.C. asks from Houston

My son just turned 1 April 7th... he has be on Nutramigen since he was 2 weeks old. His dr said we were going to try him on whole milk once he turned one, and if that...


Don't Want to Give up Breast Feeding

R.K. asks from Buffalo

My daughter was recently put on formula after a 2 month battle with screaming and watery sour smelling BM's. Her ped put her on Nutramigen made by enfamil. i had a re...


Colic Baby??? Hearing impaired...Feeling Guilty for Other Kids!!

H.R. asks from Bellingham

Hi Moms, I guess I need some advice, I have 3 kids a 13 year old boy, a 2 year old girl and a 6 week old girl. I think the baby might have colic. She is super ...


Does My Baby Have Reflux??

N.O. asks from Detroit

I have an almost 4 week old baby. He's already on Similac Alimentum for the past week and a half because of him projectile vomiting and being extremely fussy and gas...


Looking for Soy Formula Alternative

J.R. asks from Tucson

My son is dairy intolerant and still on the small side. I would like to wean him so that I can tell exactly how much milk he gets on a daily basis. The challenge is...