Toddler Version of Nutramigen?

Updated on June 14, 2011
B.E. asks from Brunswick, GA
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Is there a "toddler formula" like Nutramigen?

My 14 old son cannot tolerate cow's milk, lactose free cow's milk, goat's milk, soy milk, or almond milk. I have not tried rice milk or coconut milk. I have tried different formulas. The only thing I found that he could drink was Nutramigen. I am currently getting this on WIC even though he is over a year old. I was wondering if there was a toddler version of Nutramigen that I could try switching him to? Is it ok that he is still drinking Nutramigen? His pediatrician keeps saying we need to get him on something else, but never suggests an alternative.

Milk protein allergy and soy allergy seems run in our family. My 2 year old daughter cannot drink cow's milk or soy milk (she drinks almond milk). Neither can my husband or his mother.

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answers from Honolulu on

I would, have your Pediatrician, refer you/your child to a Nutritionist.
THAT is the best way.
They will give you food ideas/menus/products, that will be suited to your child's food requirements, per his allergies.
And the Nutritionist can answer your questions and give you a lot of information.

THAT is what your Pediatrician should be doing. Because he/she is not advising you on this, otherwise.
That is what our Pediatrician would do. Refer you to a Nutritionist.

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answers from Miami on

How about switching him to nothing? A 14 mo old should be relying on the nutrition of other foods to keep him complete. When my children were 1 yr old they were weaned and I did not give them any milk or soy. They have been healthy with no allergies for 22/17 yrs. Do not let yourself be brainwashed into thinking your children need any kind of milk. There are other ways.



answers from Jacksonville on

Can he eat cheese or yogurt?
If he can and he gets his vitamin D elsewhere, he doesn't need to drink milk.



answers from Boca Raton on

There is no reason for him to have artificial breast milk at this stage, he should be getting his nutrients from foods.
What about hemp milk? I find Pacific's to be the best as they don't put in oils and cane sugars. They sweeten with brown rice. It's also chock full of protein and all the omegas. That being said, does he really need a 'milk'?

Milk allergies don't only run in your family, most people can't tolerate cow's breast milk because they are not cows, don't have 4 chambers to their stomach, etc. It's just most of society has physical problems they ignore or think are normal.

Are you worried about nutrition? Once a child is weans from his/her mother's breast, there is NO health reason to get the lactational secretions of another mammal. Want calcium? give him lots of green leafy veggies and sesame seeds (or tahini). Want protein? give him veggies, fresh whole grains (quinoa is a complete protein with many other vitamins and minerals), beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.

What he should be drinking is water. Flushes out toxins and doesn't lead to diabetes, obesity, cancer, tumors, cysts, allergies, etc.

I also suggest getting rid of your pediatrician and seeking out some advice on your own which it seems you are doing.



answers from Albuquerque on

There isn't a toddler version of Nutramigen. The theory is that once babies grow out of needing formula, they can get all the nutrition they need via solid food (and milk). If you're using Nutramigen in place of milk, that's great - your son is getting way more vitamins and minerals than the average kid.

I agree with the other posters, though, that you should go see a nutritionist. She or he could help you find foods that will replace the nutrients in milk and the other things your son can't have. In the meantime, Nutramigen is a good substitute... my girls drank it until they were 18 months old on the recommendation of their pediatrician, nutritionist, and gastroenterologist.


answers from Provo on

Cashew milk too. There's another option.
But yeah, if your doctor isn't giving you options or even sending you to a specialist, then I would change. Obviously he isn't doing his job 100%.
Perhaps you could get a complete vitamin drops and put that in juice. That's what I do with my son because he has a very slight milk intolerance and he doesn't eat any veggies. Or make a smoothie.



answers from Tampa on

Neocate. They have a toddler version. Can only order online at My son had milk protein allergy as infant and was on Neocate infant. After 12 months of age, they have what is called Neocate junior, if I remember correctly. Fortunately, my son out grew his allergy. You can also consult with pediatric GI doctor, which was who our pediatrician referred us to when we first saw blood in my son's stool at 2 months old. Neocate is the most elemental (broken down) formulas, etc that there is available. Good luck!


answers from Lansing on

Have you tried pediasure?



answers from Norfolk on

First of all, I agree that it's lousy your Pediatrician isn't directing you down any path other than to degrade what you're doing now. FAIL! I'd be shopping for a new one.

Secondly, I would definitely consult with a pediatric nutritionist. They are a great deal of help, and will not only be able to tell you what to try for your son, but where you can find it.

Thirdly, don't sweat the milk issue. It is entirely possible to get all the nutrients and vitamins he needs without milk.

My son has sensory issues and it has been a battle making sure he gets a balanced diet. I give him fruit & vegetable juice blends diluted with water and a crushed up Flintstone first thing in the morning. Also, many breads are fortified with Calcium etc. Just shop smart and make sure everything he can eat is giving you the most nutritional bang for your buck, so to speak.



answers from Orlando on

My daughter was on Nutramigen too because that was the only milk she could digest. It was very expensive too but she went to regular milk after about 12 months or so with no problem. My now 14 year old son stayed on soy milk for about 18 months because he couldn't drink cow's milk but now he is good to go. It is baffling that your son is not taking either milk product but won't hurt to try the rice milk or coconut milk because it seems you are running out of options fast and the other bad thing is the pediatrician isn't recommending an alternative. Hopefully you won't have to take him off of milk completely and put him on a calcium supplement. Please go see an allergist if you are not getting any answers from your pediatrician. Good luck to you.

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