Trying for a Boy or a Girl: Miralax

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What is the ideal Miralax dosage should you give to your child?

K.C. asks from Johnstown

This is in addition to a previous request.... I went to the store to get Miralax for my son who has pooping issues. One the bottle it says not for anyone under 17 ye...


Miralax for Toddler

R.S. asks from Dallas

My son has been battling constipation as we've gotten full into potty training. I know this can be a normal thing but we've had a couple of bouts here lately that ha...


Any Moms Use Miralax?

L.N. asks from Benton Harbor

Hi Everyone! I am just curious if any of you have used Miralax for your little ones. I have a seriously constipated 3 yr. old who was actually impacted the other ...


How Much Miralax Should I Give My 6 Yo?

E.V. asks from Los Angeles

I have a stopped up little girl who is just recently out of pull-ups for BM's and is scared, therefore, resistant to "let it go" in the potty. Her Ped suggested Mira...


Almost 3.5 Yo Little Girl Pp Trained but Not Poo Poo!

M.B. asks from Atlanta

I decided it was time a couple of months ago for my 3 yo to try using the potty. After a few days she was going pp in the potty. She has been pretty good about goin...


3 Year Old Constipation

N.R. asks from Burlington

this is actually a question about my sister's son. He has had constipation issues for almost two years now. His pediatrician recommended a daily dose of miralax. It w...


Potty Training

M.J. asks from Charleston

my twin daughters are peeing on the potty, but will not poop. they use miralax daily,however they will not poo on the potty, theyalways cry for a diaper. any advise?


Advice on Constipation

K.A. asks from Corpus Christi

My almost one year old has severe constipation and gas. I give him Mylicon and Dr. has given Miralax. It seems like I have to give him Mirilax every few weeks. Has...


Daughter Afraid to Poop!

K.P. asks from Kansas City

I need your help moms! My 2 year old girl is holding in her poop! She intentionally clenches so it won't come out then she cries until it passes. I have no idea wh...


Won't Go to the Potty!

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

I am desperate and in need of help. My beautiful 3 year old daughter will not have a bowel movement on the potty. She will literaly hold it in and then only goes once...