Trying for a Boy or a Girl: The First Years

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Why Can't She Try?

R.G. asks from Scranton

I am married, for the second time, to an amazing husband and father. We have been married for the past 3 years and have a very loving and healthy relationship. He has...


Sad over Not Having a Girl

A.D. asks from Portland

I have one boy and just found out that I’m having another. My limit is two kids—I don’t have the stamina or money for more. And I A. bereft that I don’t get t...


Girl Scouts

J.J. asks from St. Louis

I am trying to decided whether or not to put my daughter in girl scouts. She's alredy in dance and soccer. Her soccer ends in a month. I also wonder if it wil be too ...


Is It Ok to Buy My Son Girl Toys?

C.Y. asks from Chicago

I have a son you will be 5 in March and a daughter who will be 3 in February. The issue is that my son likes to play with girl toys, watch princess movies, and pret...


HELP!! MY 3 1/2 Year Old Son Will Not Even Try to Give up His Blankie?!

J.D. asks from Louisville

My son who is 3 1/2, Ryan, LOVES his Blankie more than life itself. It takes it everywhere and he chews on it and keeps it in his mouth ALL the time and talks and doe...


Transition to Big Girl Bed

S.S. asks from Birmingham

How do I make the change from my bed to a big girl bed without all the crying and yelling. But here's the thing she's been in my bed since she's came from from the ho...


Brownies (Girl Scouts)

C.F. asks from Denver

Hello to other Moms, My daughter belongs to brownie troop at her school. I have some frustrations with her troop, as I feel they do the "minimum". Sure they do coo...


Why My 3 1/2 Year Old Son Likes to Wear Girl Clothes

S.M. asks from San Francisco

My 3 year old son loves to dress in girl clothes ( mine included). It all started when he was around 1 1/2 because of his fascination with his girl cousin. He just ad...


Little Girl Always Sick?

D.C. asks from Birmingham

My little girl is 5 years old. She started kindergarten last August and she has been sick everyday since. No exaggeration the only time when she was healthy was Chris...


Girl with Serious Senioritis

B.C. asks from New York

Hi all, I have tutored a girl for a year and a half. She is now a senior in high school and has some failing grades projected for mid-terms (if she realizes that t...