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Birthday Presents for a 2 Year Old Girl

W.B. asks from New York

My daughter is turning 2 in June. I am looking for present suggestions. Are there any great gifts you can recommend for a 2 year old girl? Thanks!


Good Christmas Gift for 3Yr Old Girl.

C.F. asks from Dallas

Hey there Mamas, I was just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for toys that kids will actually play with for a 3 1/2 yr old girl. My daughter already has tons o...


Gift Ideas for 4 Y/o Girl

A.B. asks from Dallas

Hi All, I feel really silly asking this, but I need help in figuring out what would be a good gift for my soon to be 4 y/o girl. I have struck out just about ever...


Good Christmas Gift Ideas for a 15 Month Old Girl

J.R. asks from Providence

I already got a couple responses to this question, (thank you to those who have already responded, I love your ideas) but I figured I might get more responses if I a...


Birthday Gift Ideas for a 1 Yr Old Girl

J. asks from Chicago

so i have a 6 yr old girl, and a almost 1 yr old girl we have a lot of family who want to buy gifts and not college money for Christmas i returned a lot at walm...


Toddler Girl Christmas Gift

M.H. asks from Minneapolis

I apologize if this question has been asked, but the site wouldn't allow me to search previous questions right now. I have a 2-year-old niece/godchild for whom I wou...


Gift for Two Year Old Girl

V.V. asks from Houston

My daughter's birthday is in a couple of weeks at I don't know what to buy for her gift. She has two older brothers ( 6 and 4) and a houseful of "boy toys". She does ...


Gift Ideas for 2Yo Girl

M.K. asks from Stationed Overseas

I live overseas in a country with no toy stores so I do most of my shopping online. We have a niece who is having her second birthday at the end of the month and we ...


Christmas for a 10 Month Old Girl???

B.E. asks from Austin

Hello ladies!! I have a question... this is my baby's first Christmas and she is almost 10 months so she'll be 11 months during that time. I dont know what to get her...


Christmas Present Ideas for 18 Month Old Girl?

A.D. asks from Victoria

My daughter is 18 months old and i'm not sure yet what "SANTA" will be getting her for christmas! do any of you have any ideas? =/