Trying for a Boy or a Girl: Teddy Bears

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2 Qs...Bouncers And Teddy Bears.

C.W. asks from Austin

SOOOO.... 2 questions... 1~ My DD is 3 months old. Is this too young to get her a bouncer? I want to get one of those activity bouncers...She can sit on her own (s...


Planning My Son's First Birthday- Help Needed!!

J.C. asks from Knoxville

My son is turning one in July and I am trying to come up with some good ideas. I'd like to get him a t shirt or something that says he's one and send out nice invitat...


How Many Times or How Long Should I Let My 14Month Old Cry Before I Give In

A.B. asks from Dallas

All this week my 14month old wakes up crying and wants mom or dad to sleep with him in the spare bedroom. last night i tried to let him cry himself back to sleep and ...


Toilet Training--no Diapers at All or Underwear

D.B. asks from Houston

My daughter is now 2 years and 4 months and seems interested in potty. She'll sit and pretend to go, but doesn't actually pee or poop. She will also practice using ...


American Girl Dolls

C.F. asks from Dallas

I have a 6 year old (soon to be 7) DD. She wants an American Girl Doll for her birthday next month. I went online and looked at them and they are $100 plus dollars fo...


Boys Doing "Girl" Things

K.M. asks from Laredo

I just finished watching What Would You Do and it got me thinking.... If your son wanted to wear "princess" dresses or get a barbie would it bother you? would you ...


28 Month Old Suddenly Won't Go to Bed

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

We have been so lucky for 28 months. Our daughter has gone to bed like clockwork with no complaints. Except for a brief weening of the pacifier just before her 2nd bi...


Tough Potty Training!

N.B. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter Sofia is 3 1/2 yrs.old and she is extremely resistant to even sitting on any kind of potty big small or otherwise. She screams like we are ripping her arm...


Toddler Girl's Room Ideas

S.T. asks from Richmond

I'm looking for cute ideas on how to decorate my todder daughter's bedroom - specifically paint colors. Any ideas you have about paint colors or decorating in genera...


Seeking Advice on Maintaining Sanity with 2 Yr Old as a Flower Girl.

J.M. asks from Baton Rouge

My daughter will be almost 2 yrs old in June when she will be a flower girl in her Godfather's wedding. The ring bearer will be even younger. Does anyone have advice ...