Trying for a Boy or a Girl: Nestle & Carnation

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My One Year Old Baby Girl Is in 10Th Percentile for Her Weight. Any Advice?

S.P. asks from Phoenix

My baby's first birthday was yesterday. She has not been gaining weight since 6 months of age. She weighs 17lbs 14ozs. I have exclusively breastfeed her even though m...


Help !!!! 3 Yr Old Isn't Gaining Weight...

J.G. asks from Cleveland

I have a little girl that has been diagnosed with Asthma, an allergy to tree pollen (although the doctor said she most likely has more allergies – she is a bit youn...


Baby Has Lots of Gas Pain

N.G. asks from Salinas

Hello! My 4 month old is very gassy and cries in pain for 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. I have given up dairy, tried different non-allergenic formulas, myclin drops, g...


Formula W/cereal?

D.R. asks from Phoenix

I'm just starting my 5 1/2 month old on solids, beginning with rice cereal. I was really wanting to only use breast milk to mix in with the cereal but I'm just findi...


Suggestion for Infant Formula That Creates Less Gas

A.R. asks from Chicago

Hello: I am hoping that one of you might be able to point me in the right direction. I am looking for a formula that creates less gas for my 2 week old son. We are...


Reflux Medication

S.M. asks from Norfolk

Hi, I posted on here a couple months ago about my son having reflux. Well, I have a few questions. He has been seen by a gi specialist who has him taking prilosec and...


Good Start Formula Question

J.S. asks from Detroit

Hi mom's! I was just wondering if anyone used the powder Good Start Supreme Natural Cultures formula. This particular "type" of Good Start is fairly new and I can't...


Formula or Breastfeeding

E.M. asks from Pittsburgh

I am a mother of a 11 year old girl i did not breastfeed her i did not have the time i was 18 and single. I am 14 weeks pregnant and i am thinking about doing it now ...


Continuously Constipated 10 Month Old

S.P. asks from Santa Fe

My little girl Lucy has been constipated for the last month. It was right at the time that she started to eat solids on a regular basis, so I know that is the culprit...


4 Month Old Won't Take a Bottle- Help!!

H.S. asks from Greensboro

My 4-month old has been almost exclusively breastfed since birth. Up until she was about a month old, we started giving bottles (of breastmilk and an occasional few ...