Trying for a Boy or a Girl: Adidas

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School Shoes for Girl?

K.. asks from Phoenix

My DD is starting Kindergarten & I'm just wondering what type of shoes your girls wear to school? DD has only been in a very casual Pre-K setting, so she could wear ...


Toddler clothing...exactly How Much Is Necessary?!

R.S. asks from Chicago

Ok, this might seem like a dumb question, but my firsborn (a girl) has way too many clothes. I went crazy buying girl stuff after she was born...whenever there were m...


Child's Shoe Size Jump

C.O. asks from Detroit

Just wondering to sort of compare my 6 year old to see if she is average or not...this also happened at 3 yrs old. Her shoe size just changed from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2!! H...


Little Boys with Long Hair

A.U. asks from Los Angeles

My three year old son (who is the height of a 4 1/2 year old) has very long blond hair. By very long, I mean about 2 inches below his shoulders. My husband and I both...


Passing down Clothes from Older Child to Younger Child

A.S. asks from Dallas

My two daughters are almost exactly 3 years apart, one born in May and one in June. I have been lucky enough to pass down the clothes from my older one and have been...


How Much Clothes Shuld a Kid Have?

V.G. asks from Dallas

I have 5 kids and 1 on the way my kids have tons of clothes and sometimes they only wear something once or not at all. I am trying to make room in there closets. I h...


Too Young for Deodorant?

R.H. asks from Wichita

Yikes! My 7 year old boy has body odor. I've always encouraged him to wash well, but have lately really encouraged him to wash under his arms really good since we'v...


11 Yr Old Boys Feelings Easily Hurt

L.C. asks from Knoxville

I have an 11 yr old son whose feelings are very easily hurt. He is very hard on himself in that he wants to do everything right. I have always tried to teach him that...


Looking for Decent Quality Sneakers

J.H. asks from Orlando

Has anyone found decent quality shoes for toddlers that don't cost $30 - $50? Our little girl's feet are still growing pretty quickly so I don't want to spend a lot b...


Shin Splints

S.W. asks from St. Louis

Hello Mamas - I've been doing real good about walking and trying to get into better shape. But I got overly ambitious and now have shin splints and my hip hurt (I wa...