Trying for a Boy or a Girl: Huggies

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Huggies Vs. Huggies Supreme

A.C. asks from Sacramento

I am having a diaper dilemma! My son is over 2 now, and he's been wearing the regular Huggies diapers since he was a baby. I have always liked them, but lately the ...


Huggies Overnights....

T.S. asks from Lexington

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here has used the Huggies Overnights, and if so did they REALLY work??? My son is 5 mos old and cant make it 4 or 5 hours in a ...


Huggies Diapers Recommendations

F.R. asks from Milwaukee

Hi, I am looking for feedback regarding Huggies diapers. I already use the Huggies Overnights, which work wonderfully. But I'm looking for a day time diaper (made...


Luvs V. Huggies?

J.M. asks from Boston

Hi All We're trying to find ways to save money where we can (aren't we all!) and I was wondering if anyone has used Luvs diapers? Huggies have worked best for our...


HUGGIES Are Staining My Babies Legs

M.C. asks from San Diego

Ok... I heard you all, some had the problem some did not, here's all I know, I can actually see the outline of the cartoon on the boys legs! Also, he has no other re...


Pull-up Huggies

C.C. asks from Miami

I'm trying to teach my two year old to go to the bathroom. Are pull-up Huggies a good idea for potty trainning or do they just confused the child? Also if you have...


Huggies vs Pampers in Breastfed Infant Girl?

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is 3 mos old, breastfed, and we currently use the pampers swaddlers and they seem to be leaking. This happened with my son too who was also breastfed and...


Huggies Overnites - Leaking After Just a Few Hours?!

A.H. asks from Portland

Hello Mama's, I need help!! I have a 8 mo old son who has been waking up 5 or 6 times per night the past few weeks; we discovered that it's because he is drenching hi...


Huggies Snug N Dry vs Little Movers

K.J. asks from Nashville

I used to be a huge Pampers mommy until they changed their diapers. I have now switched to a mix of both cloth and Huggies diapers. I wanted to know if anyone has u...


Best Diapers for Infant Girl.

M.C. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 5 month old little girl. We are currently using Pampers diapers. She sleeps through the night usually at least 9 hours. Nearly every morning she wakes up wet...