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Updated on April 15, 2009
M.E. asks from Urbandale, IA
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I am sure this has been posted on here before, but I would like some recommendations for a good thermometer. I am looking for one that can take a rectal temperature in a timely manner that gives accurate readings....any suggestions?

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answers from Davenport on

We use an ear thermometer. I figure when we go to the doctors that the type of thermometer they use, so they must work. We use thermoscan by brAun. It works good for us.



answers from Minneapolis on

We use a Philips temporal thermometer. We got it when 11 year old was a baby and it still works great. You kind of rub it across the forehead over to the temple. Much easier and more accurate than the ear ones.



answers from Minneapolis on

The Exergen temporal scanner thermometer is easy to use and gives a more accurate reading than rectal can. It is non-invasive because you just slide it across the forehead. The reason it is more accurate than rectal is because as a fever goes up or down the rectal area takes time to change temp, but the artery on the forehead comes right from the heart and is closer to the heart temp than anywhere else.

I love mine!



answers from Des Moines on

I am not too sure if this has been posted yet or not but the therm that we bought and we love in a braun brand. It is not a rectal one it is an ear one like the one they use at the docs office. It was about $40 and we love it. It take takes the temp in about 3 secs. We use it for ourselves as well. It comes with about 20 replaceable ear covers as well. Hope this helps.



answers from Sioux Falls on

The temporal artery thermometer is best. We have 2 one for the daycare and one for my kids. It is definately more acurate and easier to use.

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