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Best Thermometer

B.W. asks from Louisville

Not a fan of the current thermometer I use...it takes too long to read, and with a squirming 7 month old, that is near impossible. Any recommendations on a good ther...



M.G. asks from Chicago

Hi! I'm looking for a good thermometer to use with my nine month old boys. I can't seem to find one that is consistent, let alone accurate. What brands have you ...



J.G. asks from Columbus

Can anyone recommend a good brand of thermometer for use with babies/toddlers? I really would like one that takes an ear reading, and would like some advice before I...


Baby Thermometer

S.W. asks from Dallas

Can you reccommend a good thermometer for a newborn. Is it necessary to use a rectal thermometer? Or what are my options?


Thermometer Advice

T.J. asks from Bismarck

Anyone out there have a really great/accurate thermometer that they use? I am sick of using the cheapo kinds, but not sure what kind to invest some money into?


Thermometer Recommendation

A.C. asks from Boston

Can anyone recommend a decent thermometer for a toddler? I've had bad luck with ear thermometers (tried several brands - extremely inaccurate) and the digital oral o...


Thermometer Recommendations

F.R. asks from Milwaukee

I'm looking for some recommendations for a thermometer to use for my daughters. My 4 year old still doesn't get the idea to keep the thermometer under her tongue and...


Toddler Thermometer???

C.S. asks from San Diego

My son recently got sick and I didn't take his temp. because the only thermometer i had was the rectal one and I think he's too old for that. My dr. recommended me to...


Best Thermometer for Newborn???

A.S. asks from Dallas

What is the best thermometer for a newborn? This is my first baby. I thought it was a rectal thermometers? Now, I see pacifiers with thermometers as well as ear ...