Taking Temperature: Meijer

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J.G. asks from Columbus

Can anyone recommend a good brand of thermometer for use with babies/toddlers? I really would like one that takes an ear reading, and would like some advice before I...


What Are You Doing to save Money in These Tough Economic Times?

K.H. asks from Chicago

There is a limit to how low I can put my thermostat. I've found a few ways to save money but thought all of you might have some great ideas to share. My friend was ...


School Lunch Ideas Needed

J.R. asks from Saginaw

My little kindergartener takes his lunch to school everyday. I put $10 on credit at the school guessing he would one day choose a hot lunch but has yet to do that. ...


Building My Own Shower Gift Basket

M.A. asks from Detroit

I'm building/creating my own baby shower gift basket for 2 different showers I have coming up. I'd like it to be elegant, nice, USEFUL, and most importantly, inexpen...


6 Week Old and No Stool for 4 Days

K.K. asks from Chicago

My six week old daughter has not had a bowel movement in 4 days. She eats expressed breastmilk, however I have to supplement with formula as I do not make enough milk...


Money Saving Tips

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, I know many of us have been trying to save money/spend less in the economy the last few years. I am just getting through a health scare. So far the res...


Another Campling Question

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

We're going on our first ever camping trip this coming weekend. I know someone on here has already asked this, but I can't seem to find the post. I haven't been campi...


How to Cook a Turkey

J.F. asks from Rochester

Hi ladies, I've never held Christmas at my house before, but due to having so many sides of the family, we're having a small dinner with my husband's dad and broth...


Kids Lunch Ideas

S.B. asks from Indianapolis

My almost 6 yr old son will be finishing Kindergarten this year and will be going to an all day camp program for the summer. He eats lunch at school on the days the ...


Lunch Ideas for a Picky Eater

E.H. asks from Grand Rapids

I need ideas for my daughter's lunch at school. She is 6 and in first grade. The only veggies she likes are mashed potatoes, lettuce, and carrot sticks. She won't ...