Need a Good Recommendation for a Thermometer

Updated on March 03, 2010
A.Z. asks from Wichita, KS
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I think I have tried every type of thermometer out there, the one you swipe across the forehead, the one you stick in the ear, a ton of underarm thermometers and I just don't feel like any of them have really worked. Can you recommend one that you have used and felt worked really well? Thanks.

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answers from Kansas City on

I personally like the good old fashion mercury ones... You know it works in the mouth as they are older, under the arm or even in the bottom... Just remember to clean between uses, plus if you do it under the arm you add one degree and for the bottom, subtract one degree.

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answers from San Antonio on

I got the Braun in-ear thermometer (about $30) and I do NOT like it. It's quick, which is nice, but you have to get the angle just right. When my son was sick, I took his temp 3 times in a row and got 3 different temps, so took the highest one. The Braun one requires plastic covers (comes with a few, but you'll have to buy refills). I found a coupon for the Braun in my Pampers diapers one time, so if you get it, try and find a coupon.

Good luck. I wish I had a suggestion for a GOOD one.

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answers from Chicago on

I have an Omron 10 second digital fever thermometer model # mc-106. I love it! It's quick, has a jumbo read-out display and a memory for the last read-out.
Functional not fancy and less than $10.00.

Check out this link for more info.

I worked with a neonatalogist who said he would never recommend an ear thermometer due to its unreliable nature.



answers from Dallas on

My son is 3 and although he never took a pacifier, after trying every thermometer out there, the only one that he will take when he is sick is the pacifier thermometer. it was $10 purchased at Babies R Us only about 6 months ago and (like I said, not a paci kid ever!) it is the only one that he will use. Try it, it worked for me...



answers from St. Louis on

I've really likedmy ear thermometers. I had a really great one that I can't find made anymore that got a scratch on the sensor. I've since replaced it with Braun Thermoscan for the ears and it works just fine. I take to the Dr. visits with me and check my children's temps after the nurse does to make sure it is working correctly and I'm happy with it. The bummer about it is it uses the ear cover thing which can be a pain to fmble with at night and it doesn't have a light, which I LOVED about my other one. hope that helps.



answers from New York on

what jessica said. i have the same thermometer and get stocked up with those plastic covers. my issue with it is first it dies down after about a year, second every time i take the temp (even if it is every other min) the temp. reading is different. even different if taken from different ears within seconds. i need to know because 99.6 is normal for one of my daughters but 100.1 is NOT. and when i get two different readings i don't know what to think. but have tried every thermometer out there. the one that scans across the forehead was by far the worse for me. i used that piece of junk twice and threw it out.



answers from Kansas City on

We have two different Braun Thermoscan ear thermometers. Both were around the $50 price range at Wal-Mart. I dislike that it takes the plastic covers, however we reuse the plastic covers either till they get covered with ear wax or they look like they need replacing. (You can just leave the plastic cover on till you need to replace it.) We've had one of them since my son was born 4 1/2 years ago and haven't had to replace the batteries yet. We bought a second one when we moved and couldn't find the other one and needed a thermometer. Most of the time it will give you two different readings, but any thermometer is going to do that. As far as accuracy, it's usually fairly close to what the dr's offfice thermometer says (they use the one you swipe across the forehead). One of ours has the night light button (makes the display green and easy to read in the night without turning on the light) and the other one doesn't. My son doesn't mind the thermometer and it doesn't wake him up if I need to take his temperature during the night. I used to be a nurse, and never had any problems with the Braun thermometers, either at work or home. One of the ones we have I found on for $45. Hope that helps!

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