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M.O. asks from New York

Hi! I'm having my 1st baby in February and before I even start on a baby registry I wanted to ask experienced moms out there, as far as health and safety for newborn...


Infant First Aid Needs

M.R. asks from Chicago

I'm about to be a first time mom and am curious to know what pharmaceutical-type items I should include in an infant 'first aid kit' (not things like nasal aspirator,...


Breastfed Infant Is Suffering from Constipation

D.G. asks from San Diego

I was wondering how any of you have dealt with an infant suffering from constipation. I have a two month old who was going No. 2 normally up until a few days ago. T...


Daughter Pooping in Night Causing Rash

D.H. asks from Topeka

Thank you to all of you for your information on my previous post about my daughters diaper rash. We have stopped all juice and things are getting better untill this ...


Newborn Must-Haves?

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

My friend just had a baby girl & am sending her some things. This is her first. I am trying to think of what items saved my life w/my newborn. I can only think o...


Just for Fun -- Most Used Baby Item

M.L. asks from Philadelphia

I am putting together a basket for my sister in law who is having her second (after a 6 year gap) (due in July) of "my favorite things" after having my 8 month old. A...


Seeking a Newborn Checklist - Please Share Lists You Found Helpful to Follow

D.E. asks from Chicago

I am seeking a good solid checklist that you found helpful in preparring for a new baby. I'm looking for a list that states specifics of each item needed and the bes...



I.Z. asks from Los Angeles

my NB is 12 days old and having difficulty doing " # 2" , can you please help me what to do? I did massage her belly but doesnt work, maybe i am doing it wrong or is ...


Registry for Baby Shower

J.L. asks from Lexington

Hey ladies! Me and the hubs are going this weekend to register, so I wanted to ask everyone what are the items you absolutely can't live without? It's been 4 years ...


Pooping Issues...

K.S. asks from Melbourne

ok, so kind of silly but... i have six month old twins who i just switched to all formula/no breastmilk. unfortunately, one of them is now constipated and it pains me...