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Updated on January 12, 2011
A.B. asks from Kapolei, HI
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I have the safety 1st thermometer for the arm, rectum and mouth...The instructions came with the different temperatures for each option. So what measures in the mouth is different from under the arm. Well I cannot find it. So I was wondering if anyone had that information. Also, I use the one for under the arm and I am not sure if it is accurate. Any thoughts/advice??

Thanks so much:)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have a temperature chart that came with my Safety 1st ear thermometer that says:
Normal temperature ranges for measuring sites:
Oral: 95.9F - 99.5F
Rectal: 97.9F - 100.4F
Ear: 96.4F - 100.4F
Axillary (Under the arm): 94.5F - 99.1F

Ear temperature ranges by age:
0-2 years: 97.5F - 100.4F
3-10 years: 97.0F - 100.0F
11-65 years: 96.6F - 99.7F
Over 65 years: 96.4F - 99.5F

I hope it helps!

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answers from Dallas on

Here's the deal, its easy. Any temp taken outside the body (under the arm) will be one degree less than the actual temperature. So if you take your child's temp under her arm and it comes up 99.5, her temp is ACTUALLY 100.5. The rectum is absolutely the most accurate read, only worry about doing that for an infant though.

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answers from Los Angeles on

It depends on the age of the child. If the child is old enough to hold it in their mouth use the mouth otherwise use under the arm. Never take a temperature via the rectum. Mouth is best but will be effected if the child drinks or eat anything hot or cold with in 20 minutes of taking the temperature. But a temperature taken under the arm is accurate. Both the mouth and arm one will give you the same results. You want the temperature between 98-99 F. If you get a temperature of 99.3 F, it usually is OK. But if the temperature goes above 100 F, then you need to do something.


answers from Chicago on

i always take rectal (no matter the age) with a good old fashion if I fear the reading is wrong b/c that is the most accurate. I have a forhead, ear, arm pit, mouth and 3 rectum ... when I take the temp with any of the others then the rectum ... the rectum is the most accurate. Please note that my son's tempurature accuracy to the tenth degree is vital due to a medical condition so I can not afford to risk any inacurracy.


answers from San Francisco on

I have that thermometer too. The fever range for each body part is programmed into the thermometer itself and it makes a special kind of beep if the temperature is a fever. Rectum is the most accurate. With a healthy dose of vaseline it's not so bad.



answers from Jacksonville on

If you have a rectal thermometer that is safety guarded (the tip is short and you can't insert it too far), use that ALWAYS! Much easier and a more accurate read....My daughter spikes high fevers...VERY high fevers and I need to know the exact temp, so I can get her to the ER if necessary or get on the phone to the ped. to figure out what to do. Mouth can be used in older children who can manage that, underarm is ok, but I would go with rectal. Just me......If you want to know the differences, google it and several sites with helpful charts will come up.....



answers from Las Vegas on

Use whichever search engine you like and search for the manufacturer's website. If the product information isn't searchable on their website, email them and request a copy of the instructions.

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