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Updated on November 21, 2011
J.✰. asks from Spring Branch, TX
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I cooked a turkey today (we'll be at family's for TG. Got this turkey b/c it's on sale and we'll eat on it for the next week).
Anyway - I don't have a thermometer. How do I know when it's done? I don't want it to get OVER-done!


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So What Happened?

Thanks - we will cut into it after trying to tear a leg or two off. Husband's good at looking at it and knowing. Me - not so much. I like the thermometer. Ours broke and haven't gotten a new one. And I'd LOVE to ask a neighbor, but the nearest one to us is a mile away and they're not home yet anyway. (We live out in the boonies. Hence I'm always on here - with my virtual online friends).

MORE What Happened: I bent one leg back and it just fell off the rest of the body. DONE! It was SOOOOOO yummy! Thanks ladies. So glad y'all were here to help me out. :)

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answers from Columbia on

Perhaps you could borrow one from a neighbor? Done is 170'F.

The only way you'll know it's done without a thermometer is to cut it to the bone. If the juices at the bone run clear (no blood) and the meat is no longer gooey and transparent looking, but separates in strips, it's done.

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answers from Washington DC on

Juices run clear and there is NO pink.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

When the legs are pulling away from the rest of the bird and the skin is crispy and brown. If the leg snaps back--it's not done. If it easily separates from the body--good sign!
Stick it with a long fork, the juices should be clear--not pink!

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answers from Dallas on

the leg will move freely, and poke the thigh deeply and see if the juices are clear.

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