What Kind of Thermometer Do You Use?

Updated on April 24, 2012
B.W. asks from Lexington Park, MD
7 answers

We have an almost 2 y.o. and have gone through multiple thermometers trying to find one that seems close to accurate and easy to use. We had luck with rectal but I think we may be too old for that now that DD isn't a little baby anymore. We used a regular thermometer for under the arm and found we fought more trying to get the temp. and then questioned the accuracy. We also have the Vick's brand that goes behind the ear (I think I remembered it was 'recommended by some Pediatric Association or something like that) that seemed to work ok until my daughters temp went from 99 degrees to 104 degrees from one side to the other (we try to get an average). She hadn't been sleeping on the higher temp side, merely sitting there watching tv.

Anyone had any real consistency with thermometers or maybe some tips for trying to cooperation for the underarm temp?

Thanks so much!

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answers from San Antonio on

We use the Braun Ear Thermometer. It's not my favorite. I take it twice in one ear and twice in the other and take the highest reading. I like that it's quick and clean.



answers from Chicago on

We use a Braun ear thermometer, but it's either me or the device that doesn't work well with my younger one (2.5). It works great for my 4 y/o, so maybe it's just too big for her ears.



answers from Dallas on

We also use the BRaun Ear thermometer.



answers from Norfolk on

We use the Braun ear thermometer too and have had no problems with it.



answers from Savannah on

I asked a question like this a while back and the majority recommended the exergen temporal thermometer. We got a knock off which I do not recommend! I also liked the braun ear thermometer my niece uses


answers from Dallas on

We have a temporal thermometer. It's easy to use, really quick, and I find it's accurate.


answers from Columbia on

I have had both the Braun ear thermometer and currently have the Exergen temporal scanner.

I've had good results with both, but LOVE the Exergen.

Regarding the differing temperatures on your daughter, you should only get a reading on the side she is NOT laying on. The side against her pillow will always read too hot. Also, id she's sweating, that will affect the reading. Wherever you read should be dry.

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