Suggestions for Quick Basal Thermometer

Updated on February 20, 2008
P.P. asks from Brookfield, IL
4 answers

Are all basal thermometers slow, or is it just the one I've got? It literally takes 4-5 minutes for my basal thermometer to give me each morning's readout. Can anyone recommend one that's a LOT quicker, but still accurate?

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answers from Decatur on

Actually, I picked up an inexpensive digital rectal thermometer from the baby section and use it as an armpit thermometer. It reads in 30-45 seconds. It really doesn't matter what kind of thermometer you use as much it does that you take your temp 1st thing when you wake up before getting out of bed for accuracy.



answers from Chicago on

Mine used to take FOREVER. It was the battery that needed changing. Unfortunately, thermometer batteries are darn near impossible to find. I bought whatever Target had the day I went in and it was much faster. (My first was from Walgreens - whatever their house brand was). You do want a "real" basal thermometer b/c household thermometers are only good for +/- 0.2 degrees and your temperature shifts may only be 0.5 degrees or so.



answers from Chicago on

I purchased my second basal thermometer from Target... I think it is made by Samsung and is Healthy Living or something like that. I found that it is much quick than the one I had purchased from Walgreen's.



answers from Chicago on

I bought one from Target and one from Walmart. They generally take about a minute to take the temperature. The one I bought from Walmart didn't seem to last long (the battery died) so I bought the second one from Target and it's holding up.

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