Recurring Expenses: Teen

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17 Year Old Daughter Always over at Her Boyfriend's House

So my 17 year old daughter is a senior in high school, straight A student, 4.02 GPA, has part time job, car which she bought with her own money, pays her car insurance and her portion of the cell phone bill. My concern is this, she has a boyfriend who is a sophomore and she is constantly over at his house. I always make sure she does her chores and her homework is done before she goes but it seems she spends more time with him and his family (two parent household) having dinner there, going to church with them, she even tried to ditch...

Cell Phones

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Too Much Texting

My 13 year old 7th grader cant stop texting! He would text 24/7 if he could stay up that long. I dont think it is healthy to be in constant contact with anyone as much as he does. Am I overreacting or should I just put limits on when he can use his phone?


Cell Phone Texting

Would like to hear from mom's with 12 year olds. She's an awesome kid trying...

Clothing & Accessories

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Seeking Parents Advice on Rules for My 15 Year Old Son.

My son has in general always been respectful, kind, hardworking and grateful. After recieving his iphone and entering into the texting, facebook world everything about him is changing. Friends are the main focus. Typical teen stuff parents are idiots, knows all the answers etc. What concerns me is his disrespect and feelings of entitlement. We have had a family meeting with him laying down some rules an guidelines. Some of them: phone must be given to us by 10pm on school nites, 10:30pm curfew. No going out with friends on school...


"You're So Cheap."

Yes, that’s' the line that I get from my 13 yr old when we don't get...


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16 Year Old Boy Entertainment

What does your teen boy do for entertainment? When it's summer, and there's lots of free time, and he has done his chores, and has done his sport or exercise, and he doesn't like to read and has no friends available, what do you allow him to do at home? Do you allow him to use electronics all day if the aforementioned conditions are met? Do you think it's fine for a teen boy to have no at-home interests other than electronics? If not, what does your teen boy do at home for fun? Ideas? And if your teen boy has no other interests,...


Birthday on a Budget

My daughter is turning 10 and I need ideas for a fun birthday party (on a...


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Families or 4 Out There, What's Your Average Grocery Bill per Week?

I'm curious were I am in the grocery spending range. I use coupons here and there and I have Stop&Shop cards etc. But I probably could do a lot better in budgeting. I signed up for Amazon Moms so I get Diapers and Wipes delivered (no shipping cost) pretty cheaply to me so that saves me some money. ( I have twin toddlers) Right now my average weekly grocery bill is between $180-$230. I try to do a lot of my shopping at Trader Joes because they are cheap and fabulous, especially when you have kids. I am not a big one at all for processed...


Cutting Grocery Bill

Hi ladies - I need some advice on how to save money at the grocery store!!!...


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Advice on 15 Year Old Daughter

Hello - I need advice on what to do in a situation regarding my 15 year old daughter. She has been sneeking around behind my back to talk to and to see a boy that her dad and I have already told her we didn't want her to have any contact with anymore. The times that she sees him are few and far between because he lives about 30 minutes away but she has started talking to him recently on her cell phone and online. I have started taking her phone from her when she comes home from school because he will call her around midnight/1:00am and...

Phone, Internet & Cable

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Unmotivated 16 Year Old

My 16 year old daughter is very smart, but is very unmotivated to complete her school work, therefor seems to be running a C average in almost everything. I speak to her teachers who say she 'drifts off' in class. She often gets zeros for homework she 'does not feel like doing'. I realize a C average is not the end of the world, but I know she is capable of more and would like her to be able to go to college. I have taken away privliges, offered incentives, etc, and she says she will do better, and may for a very short time, then its back...


Time Warner Cable

Hello mamas, I am wanting some feedback from moms on your experience with...


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Seeking Advice for Out of Control 16 Year Old

I am seeking advice for a 16 year old who is out of control. A little bit about our sitation - I am 31 single female (no kids)with a 16 year old sister. Our mother died over 14 years ago, so she was raised primarily by our father. Out of pity for my youngest sister, he let her grow up doing whatever she wanted - no disipline whatsoever. In total, my father father has 4 kids - we are all from the same 2 parents. During these past years, ny father did not want us coming around or trying to disipline the youngest. Now at 16, she is beyond...