Cell Phone and Email for Daughter

Updated on August 21, 2010
C. asks from Brandon, FL
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I am looking to get a cell phone for my daughter - but one that is very limited. I do not want text, camera, music, or anything like that. I only want her to be able to receive and send calls to numbers that I program in the phone. Does anyone know of a phone that does this?

I also want to set up an email address for her so that she can communicate with her grandmother. Again, I only want her to be able to receive emails from addresses that I specify. Any help with something like that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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answers from Tulsa on

I have email addresses for each of my grandchildren. I ALWAYS make their birthyear the same as mine or another adult. Why expose them to the possibility of someone looking at profiles especially for children. Then I have them set up as a sub-account to my primary account. That way I have full access to their accounts.

If they go on Facebook or any other social network I always go to privacy and hide them from public searches. I am on their accounts at least once a day playing their farms/aquariums with them and the only people they are friends with are people I personally know or people that my friends trust to have on their children's accounts. For instance, my friend in another state has neighbors that she is close to that have kids too and I allow my kids to be game neighbors to the friends she has suggested because I trust her judgement with her kids and who she lets friend them.

I find this to be a good way for the kids to keep in "special" contact with their mother and fathers, they get really excited when they get an email from someone they love. I also send e-cards and things to them to make them feel more special too.

As for the cell phone I would go to my cell provider and go by their suggestions so that the cell phone would be compatible with my billing.

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answers from Cincinnati on

they make special phones for kids that have limited features that parents control, I believe the most popular is called the firefly

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answers from New York on

you can get her one of those pay by use phones for now, get the least expensive and they don't have much. If you have a plan you can add her to it, but don't include the texting or anything like that and you can get one that is not sophisticated.
I created an email for my son with hotmail (with msn) and I have parental controls set up. Check it out and see if you like that.



answers from Fort Myers on

Jitterbug, i think is for older people in case of emergencies, but i think its a basic phone. Virgin mobile also has pay as you go plans, as low as $8.00 a month, no contract.
Emails, you can set it up that you are copied on every single email that comes in. Your child will not even know (unless you tell them).



answers from Tampa on

I don't know about the cell phone, but my children (10 and 13) both have e-mail accounts on hotmail, and they only have e-mail addresses added if I personally go in and add them. I love the security for them. I hope this helps.


answers from Austin on

For the cell phone, You can call the service you currently have and get a basic phone, even if it is capable, if you do not order the texting she cannot text. The phone/photos thing is not a big deal if she cannot send it from her phone. It just stays on her phone. They will show you how to have the strictest control over it.



answers from Miami on

Our son doesn't have a phone, but probably will once he starts riding his bike everywhere around here. (he's 10) I also want to get one that is very limited, just so I know where he's at. I spent the entire day out once when I was 13 and my mom actually called the police when she couldn't' find me. It was mortifying having a police escort home, haha. He already has an email account because we live so far from family (we are a military family). We have our own web domain that we pay for with email addy's etc. so it's very private. It's not really all that expensive as you might think. We have access to his account and he has to ask to check his email. I always say yes of course, but we just want to know when he's online. We don't read his email because there's been no cause for concern, he's very open. But we would if we had to. And I have looked at his contacts. Right now the only people on his contact list are family.



answers from Seattle on

Firefly is the only "kid" phone I know.

We had a fairly standard phone for my son since he was 5ish, but are switching to an iphone this year. Has all of the control you mentioned, because you can delete or lock anything you don't want her to have access to EXCEPT the camera (to the best of my knowledge). The older versions cost (3g, which is better anyway until they get the kinks ironed out) about $100.

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