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New to Asthma

D.G. asks from Dallas

Oh, moms, I'm so exhausted. My 4 year old has a history of RSV (at 6 wks.), repeated ear infections, tubes, we saw Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction while at the E...


Albuturol or Pulmicort for Maintanece? I'm Confused.

L.W. asks from Dallas

My 3 year old son was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. He has had a 4 day flare up with wheezing so I have been giving him Albuterol through a nebulizer every ...


Reaction to Albuterol

D.P. asks from Dallas

Hello, Mamas! I need some feedback. Our 3 year old son has asthma issues only when he has a respiratory illness. During those time, we have successfully given him ...


My Infant Has Major "Gunk" Again, What Can I Do?

H.B. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms! Ok, I am sure I am not the only child with this problem- especially since we live in the dfw area. It has gone from 80 degrees to 20 degrees in one wee...


Help... RSV in 23 Month Old

T.B. asks from San Diego

Hi my child had Rsv about 6 months ago. Since then he seems to be sick every other week. If he is around any new kids.. instanly he gets sick.. even a runny nose caus...


Asthma or Acid Reflux?

A.S. asks from Dallas

Okay, I asked all of you a question the other day about my almost 3 year old son and his severe cough but here is another... To give a little from the other questi...


Adverse Side Effects of Zyrtec? Flonase? Albuterol?

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

My son recently started on a regimen of Zyrtec and Flonase daily, and Albuterol as needed. When we started these meds, I posted something on this site about his ...


2 Year Old Coughing at Night...need a Good Remedy

H.R. asks from Dallas

My son, whose 2, has been coughing at night for the last few weeks. I think it could be allergy/sinus related. We took him to the doctor and there's nothing wrong w...


Pulmacort and Abuterol Anyone Have a Child on Nebulizer....

K.C. asks from Syracuse

My 3 1/2 son has viral induced asthma. When he is on the nebulizer he is a completely different child. He crys over everything, super emtional and crazy moody. The do...



C.C. asks from Chicago

My son is 17 months old and has been diagnosed with asthma. He was born 3 months premature so he has chronic lung disease, which makes it worse for him to have asthm...