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Finger Foods for My 10 Month Olds

S.T. asks from Omaha

I am looking for some easy finger foods for my 10 month old twins. They both have 8+ teeth and neither of them have any allergies to anything that we know of. I feel...


Does Your Child with ADHD Have These Behaviors???

J.P. asks from Washington DC

I would just like to know if anyone has a child with ADHD that has these same behaviors?.....My son is 5 and he has been diagnosed so far with ADHD and the doctor thi...



A.S. asks from Yakima

My 3 yr old son has bad eczema. I've tried tons of over the coutner rememdies from Tgel shampoo in the bath, Aveeno, Eucerin, Cortaid, just to name a few and none hav...


Newborn Wants to Eat Constantly

J.C. asks from Detroit

Breastfeeding is very trying and I need some encouragement. I have an almost 2 week old who was eating every 2-3 hours and was pretty content after feeding. During ...


Anyone Make Their Own Baby Food?

D.P. asks from Milwaukee

Good Evening Ladies, I was wondering if any of you make or have made your own baby food? MY 6 month old is now starting solids and I thougt that it might be easier ...


Need Help in Weaning Autistic Toddler from Bottle

K.A. asks from Los Angeles

My son is nearly 18 months and still gets a bottle 3 times a day with milk. He will not take his milk from any other sippy cup nor regular cup. His bottle is his ult...


Making Baby Food

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hello mommies! I was wondering if any of you made your baby food. My little love is about 6 months and were are starting solids. Please share any tips, ideas, or re...


Spitting Up

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi every one, I need advice. My 5 month old spits up ALOT! My doctor says its okay because he is gaining enough weight and doesn't appear to be sick, but my "mater...