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Any Moms Concerned with Sweetener in Similac Organic Formula?

My three month old son is breast and formula fed. I've been using Similac Organic liquid formula to supplement. I eat mostly organic foods and was happy to find an organic formula, as the data about hormones/pesticides in dairy is quite scary. Recently, the NY Times published an article that raised concerns about the evaporated cane juice used as a sweetener in Similac Organic. Apparently, it is much sweeter than other formulas, even all of Similac's other products. The article questions Similac's use of the sweetener and states that this...

Maternity Leave

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SAHM Going Back to Work

I am going back to work on Tuesday from my maternity leave and am putting my son in daycare. I am very worried that I will not have enough breastmilk pumped everyday for him to eat during the day. I was thinking about sending him with whatever breast milk that I did pump, plus formula just in case. Can anybody recommend what they think is the best formula for babies? Also if anybody has any tips on how and when to pump. I seem to only be able to get 3oz a day from each breast. Any help would be very much appreciated.


Allergic to Formula?

I have been pumping and feeding my 5 month old breast milk up until now, but...


Working while Pregnant

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Do You Use Similac Soy Formula or Enfamil Lipil?

When I was pregnant I signed up for every mailing list and freebie I could, subsequently, Enfamil and Similac send me free product samples from time to time. My son uses regular Similac, so I have 1 8oz can of Similac Isomil Soy formula- exp. 10/2010, 1 12oz can of Enfamil Lipil-exp 11/2008, and 1 12oz can of Enfamil Next Step Lipil-exp 6/2009. All are still sealed and have been sitting in my pantry. I hate to just throw it out when those cans cost $13 or more at the store, but we'll never use them. I am in the Fenton/Arnold area. If you...