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How Long Did Your Spouse Stay at Hospital When Your 2Nd Child Was Born?

How long did your husband or partner stay at the hospital when your second or subsequent children were born? With my first, he obviously stayed the entire time until we were discharged. We are now due to have our second in April and he wants to do the same again (which I really really appreciate), but our daughter has an awful case of separation anxiety and won't accept anyone besides me or Dad as caregiver (and by that I mean she cries the ENTIRE time we are gone whether that is 20 minutes or 2 hours). I suggested that he be there for...

Water Birth

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Water Birth or Not?

I'm due at the November 18 with my second child. I'm very interested in doing a water birth but I'm not sure where they even offer this option. I'm in Eagan, MN but am willing to drive within reason. With my first son I only really knew I was in labor for 2 hours so my Dr. told me to give myself an hour this time! AHHH So my questions are where do you recommend (or not) and was this a good experience for you?


Info on Water Birth

Hello everyone. I am 7 weeks pregnant and we are going to a different doctor...