Pregnancy: Elmo

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Looking for the Perfect Doctor for My Pregnancy

Hello Ladies, I really love my Dr.'s office at Aspen Maplewood. But I'm just not sure if my regular Doc there is the one I want to use for my pregnancy. She always seems so rushed. I would like a doctor that will give lots of TLC. As we all know pregnancy is a very tender time in our lives. And to have a Doctor we love is very Important! So my request to you ladies is to help me find a Awsome Doc in the St.Paul or surrounding area. I know you can do it ladies... Thank you SOOOOO much XOXOXOXOX


Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test...

Baby Shower

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Winnie the Pooh or Elmo???

Its my babys first year next month, i always said when i had a baby his 1st bday will be POOH BEAR I love pooh bear.. even on my babyshower i received a bunch of pooh clothes and stuff. BUT my baby loves ELMO so now im very undecided. Hubby says pooh bear is for girls lol so he wants elmo but he will leave it up to me ... so what you mammas think??


Taking a Shower

I have a ten month old boy who is very active and walking. Does anyone have...

Labor & Delivery

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How Long Did Your Spouse Stay at Hospital When Your 2Nd Child Was Born?

How long did your husband or partner stay at the hospital when your second or subsequent children were born? With my first, he obviously stayed the entire time until we were discharged. We are now due to have our second in April and he wants to do the same again (which I really really appreciate), but our daughter has an awful case of separation anxiety and won't accept anyone besides me or Dad as caregiver (and by that I mean she cries the ENTIRE time we are gone whether that is 20 minutes or 2 hours). I suggested that he be there for...