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Painful Intercourse After Vaginal Delivery

I delivered my daughter last September and 4-1/2 months later it is still very painful to have sex. Has anyone else experienced this before? I think I read online that especially if you are breastfeeding (which I am), your estrogen levels are very low and this thins out the lining of the vaginal wall and therefore makes it uncomfortable during sex. My doctor says it is normal...even with lubrication it still hurts. I'm just wondering how many other women this actually affects?!

Complicated Labor

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Baby's Cheeks Turned Bright Red!!!! Help

Hey ladies, today my 6 month old son's cheeks turned bright red in just no time at all!!!!!! He hasn't had any new foods or soaps today. I did put him in a new pair of footy pj's that were not washed yet but his cheeks starting turning alil b4 that. I went ahead took the jammies off just in case. I gave him a bath and washed him with his aveeno wash that we always use but it didnt help. They seem to be alil hot too... Help i dont know whats wrong he doesnt seem to be in any pain at all but i do believe he is teething drooling like crazy and...

Home Birth

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Unknown Source of Skin Condition After Giving Birth

i started developing redness in my face after 3 month postpartum. I never have had anything breakout on my face. Since then (6 months later) and many cortisteroid treatments, I continue to suffer from this burning inflammation on my face with little relief. I have gone to two derms with no clear answers. I don't think it's rosacea because i don't have any bumps or burst blood vessels on my face. Just persistent redness, dryness and itchness. The condition is starting to errode my self esteem. Have any of you experience this or heard of...


Desitin Diaper Cream

I have used Aveeno diaper cream on my daughter since birth with no problems....


Where to Birth

My original plan was to birth at home. I've changed my mind for a few...

Midwives & Doulas

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Seeking Free/ Low Cost Doula

Im in the Los Angeles area and have had one heck of a year. Just a little background. I had a still born daughter in March of 2007. It was a devastating loss and my dh and I just knew we had to try again. I found out I was pregnant again In August of 2007. All of a sudden my DH leaves me while 2 months pregnant. He steals everything I have and now we are going through divorce. On top of that I lost my job in December, the company I worked for went bankrupt. No one will hire me to make any kind of income since Im due in just 6 weeks now and...



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Baby Shower for a Second Baby?

JUST CURIOUS to what others think about the topic. We are currently TTC our second child. We have a 17mo old little girl and I've saved all of her clothes and such just in case we have another girl the 2nd time around. (Although we'd love a boy, one of each!) I'm assuming that if we have another girl, then a baby shower is not really necessary since I wouldn't really need clothes and we'd probably end up buying the bigger items ourselves anyway and reuse a lot of the toys/equipment. Or is it reasonable to have a shower of sorts for a...

Water Birth

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Soapy Water That's Okay for Kids with Eczema

My daughter just got a water table for her birthday and I thought it would be fun to fill with bubbly water. I'm not sure what to use. One time my kids were taking a bath and I thought it would be fun to let them play with their bubbles and wands in the bath (I had to make more bubbles in the bottle using dish soap because they ran out of the regular bubble liquid). Well, not smart because my 19 month old dumped all the liquid in the bathtub. They did have fun playing in the nice bubbly bathtub and I made sure to rinse my kids off...


Cradle Cap Remedies?

My 2.5 month old has terrible cradle cap and now has icky crusty patches on...


Water Birth or Not?

I'm due at the November 18 with my second child. I'm very interested in...