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Updated on December 03, 2010
L.S. asks from Newnan, GA
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I have been having menstrual like cramps all night.... not painful, just constant. It feels almost like gas pressure. My stomach also gets really tight.
I lost my mucous plug a couple nights ago, and that night I started having a few painful contractions. Ever since, I have just been having these random cramps. I know people say " you will know when you're in labor" but I've also heard the stories of people who didn't know they were in labor.
The midwife said that he would be here any day now, and that was about 2 weeks ago. She said that he is the lowest he can get in the pelvis, so she doesn't think it will be much longer. I am 3 days away from my due date and just wondering what all these random aches and feelings mean.

Any thoughts?

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answers from New York on

Time them, and call the midwife! I did have a few really painful contractions one night, and then 2 days of the type of contractions you describe, (maybe they were Braxton-Hicks) and then the real labor started. I hope everything goes well!

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answers from Miami on

i was in labor since 34 weeks and my doctor put me on bedrest and procardia to stop the contractions. My contractions felt like my breath was being taken away like something really hard was pressing against my diaphram. At 37 weeks, I woke up with leg cramps....haha.... told my husband I'm in labor, I didn't feel the hard contractions they say you do but that pressure on my diaphram was coming every 2 - 5 minutes and my stomach was getting hard. He gave me some water to drink I put my legs up and I took a benadryl and went back to bed. He went to work and took the kids to school and I was still feeling the same way but wasn't sure. At about 8:30am I went downstairs to eat something and I couldn't get back upstairs the pain went from 0 - what felt like 100. If I would've waited maybe an hour longer the baby would've been born at home. And I even called the doctor but the funny thing was those real painful ones were about 15 minutes apart and my doctor said stay home. I'm glad I didn't listen. Anyhow, it seems like you are in labor, call ur midwife and see if u can be examined. whether this is your first second or third baby every delivery is different. trust me i know..... good luck and congrars.

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answers from New York on

"Any day now" once you get to 38 weeks means it could still be 4 weeks. Don't expect to go before your due date. Random cramps aren't labor. Labor contractions have a definite start, they build, reach a peak, decline and have an end - and over time, they become closer together, last longer and get stronger. They don't jump around, if they aren't consistently becoming closer together and lasting longer, and the intensity doesn't change, not real labor. In genuine labor, you also may have restlessless, a bit of diarrhea, some backache, loss of mucous (I see this happened for you) or fluid.
If you're having a hospital/birth center birth, most MW/OB recommend you come to the birth place when your contractions have progressed to the point that they are starting every five minutes and lasting a full minute, and have held that pattern for about an hour. If you are in very early labor, there's nothing you need to do, so it's not essential that you know.

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answers from Modesto on

Start timing how far apart the cramps come and how long they last. This could be it! Congrats!

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

If the pain comes at a regular interval chances are you are in labor! The only way to really know would be to get examined! You are very close to your due date so I would be on the safe side and either see your midwife or go to the birthing clinic where you want to deliver! Better be on the safe side and be told you are not in labor then delivering on the side of the road!
Greetings to Newnan, I used to drive by there a bit in the 90's when hubby was stationed in ft Benning... Liked Newnan quite a bit, was able to see AJ there as Grand Marshal of the 4th July parade!

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answers from Washington DC on

My vote is yes, time the rythmn of the cramps, they hould be getting more regular and then closer together.

I was one who woke up thinkin I was having, errr, digestive issues. My husband looked in the What to Expect book and said "No the pain is is the wrong place" (haha). But after about 3-4 hours, it was clearly labor. Thanks god I called my doctor when I did and she siad she would check me at the hospital, becasue right afterward it cme on pretty strong.

Try not to be scared, jus tfocus on recording on wha tyour body is doing. Take deep calming breaths with the pain (even if yo can't exactly remember the breathing exercises. There is probably no urgency. You WILL know when it is definately labor.Being a little uncertain at first is normal.

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answers from Chicago on

You are describing my labor. I lost the mucous plug on sat. Had random contactions on sunday. By Monday things were more regular. I kept a notepad, pen and my phone for a consistent time piece. I wrote the time of contraction all day to see the regularity. By evening they were 2-3 minutes apart. My son was born Tuesday morning. So my advice would be you are probably in labor start keeping track and let your midwife know based on your plans. Congratulations!!!!!!!

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answers from Atlanta on

I had similar pains with my second and actually was sent home the first time I thought I was in labor...and this was my second?!
He came 4 days after these strange pains came on board.
I say start recording when and how long and if it starts to become consistent then you'll know.
Best of luck....babies are such a blessing!


answers from Albany on

Yay! I LOVE new babies, please keep us posted and yes to me it sounds like the begining of the end!

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